Victorian BDM Free For PC

Not everyone knows that you don't need to purchase the BDM indexes to use offline on your PC. Here's how.

The Files

The indexes are available in "txt" file format at
To download, make sure you "right click" the following links and "save as."

BDM Indexes, Victoria, Australia
Historical Victorian Births/Deaths/Marriages (Australia) stored as CSV data.

Index to Births 1836-1920 (131.0M)
Index to Deaths 1836-1985 (159.5M)
Index to Marriages 1836-1942 (101.8M)

Alternatively, you can download them via a torrent file.

Do not open the txt files! They are too large for your regular programs. You will need to download a program that can handle them.

The Program

Next, you will need Notepad++. Download the latest version and install. It's free.

The Instructions

Just some basics to get you going.

So, drag and drop the txt files on to the Notepad++ icon.

Or, open the program and use the menu to open them.

This is it. May be slow to open on some computers. They are big files. You can slide the tabs to change the order in which you see them.

Okay. Click the search icon (binoculars). Take note of the settings (circles). Enter search term. Note how I formatted it.
Click "find all in current doc," or you can click the one above that and search all three docs.


And here's the results of that search. Take note of the way entries are formatted. Important if you want to try different search terms.

To copy a line entry, just right click and copy. Then paste it anywhere you like. You can highlight multiple entries in a row and copy too.

You can leave your results there for reference and continue searching or clear them. Again, right click.
Close the program as a whole, not the tabs. When you reopen Notepad++, the BDM  files will still be there.


Important Note

It's not perfect! Known Death Index Mistakes.

"Brig" is written as Brighton for all. Most are, but some are actually Bright.
"Carl" is written as Carlton for all, but at least one is actually Carlsruhe

Example: 1961,17581,,Clerk,William,John,Bloomfield Mary Ann,Carlton,65,
This gentleman actually died at Carlsruhe.

Cross reference with the online BDM search. Try to verify the place of death.

Known Birth Index Mistakes.

"Sandhurst" (Bendigo) in a number of births was mis-transcribed from "Sand" or "Sa Nd," and should be "Sandridge" (Port Melbourne)

(Please note, that's not all of them. A lot are Sandhurst)


1883,26380,,Kilby,Ethel May Victoria,Frederick Ralp,Vent Julia,Sandhurst,
1885,27950,,Kilby,Ruby Florence,Frederick Ralp,Vent Julia,Po Rt,
Her Marriage: 1908,07408,,Kilby,Ethel May Vic,Wallace,Walker John Joseph,Port Melbourne (birthplace),

1880,12950,,Landorf,Louise Florance,Henry Robert,Brown Louise Fanny,Sridge,
1882,12097,M,Landorf,,Henry Robert,Brown Louisa Fann,Sandhurst,
1885,27833,,Landorf,William,Henry Robert,Brown Louisa Fanny,Po Rt,
His death: 1882,06984,M,Landorf,,Henry Robert,Brown Louisa Fanny,Sridge,1D,


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