Victorian BDM Place Name Abbreviations List

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Updated: 2 Oct 2017. Added 215 abbreviations. Thank you to Pip, Lyn, Sandra and Howard. Thank you also for mentions in the following newsletters and a link, Black Sheep (East Gippsland Family History Group and East Gippsland Historical Society) , Mallee Roots (Swan Hill Genealogical & Historical Society), Orange Family History Group, Wyong Family History Group and Lithgow & District Family History Society Inc. (Facebook link). And, thank you to those who have recommended the page on our wonderful Facebook genealogy groups, "Genealogy, My Ancestors Came To Australia " and "Victoria AU Genealogy."

This list is comprised of place name abbreviations used in the Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages registry indexes. It is useful for all three versions of the indexes. The list currently contains 2955 abbreviations, including abbreviation errors, and is a work in progress. Please be aware that every effort has been made to ensure that place names are correct to the abbreviations. If you think there's a mistake... Tell me. I won't bite. Research has been done with various resources to prove a birth or death in the locality that matches each abbreviation. Abbreviations are generally representative of a settlement, town or suburb, but can be a shire, county, parish, area, creek, river, gully, forest, hill, mountain, road, hospital, asylum, convent or ship. Some abbreviations can represent multiple places and there are also multiple abbreviations for a single place from different time periods. Some places no longer exist or are now known under a different name. They are indicated in the comments if known. If you have one that's not here or don't know what it represents, please feel free to contact me on the email address above and include the full index entry of the person. Page suggestions also welcome.

Abbreviation Place Name Comments
Aara Ararat Abbr error (Arar). Births 1860 for Crawley
Ab Ascot Vale Abbr error (Av). Deaths 1896 for Robertson
Abb Abbotsford Deaths 1974 only
Abbe Abbeyard South of Mt Buffalo. Deaths 1966/1984
Abbford Abbotsford Deaths 1940-53
Abbo Abbotsford Births 1844-64. Deaths 1954-85
Aber Aberfeldy Births 1860-95. Deaths 1954-84
Aber Aberfeldy River Births 1860-93
Ab Park Albert Park Deaths 1945 for Rose
Abtford Abbotsford Births 1855 for Dobel(l).
Abton Ashburton Deaths 1939/1947
Ache Acheron
Adale Armadale
Adel Adelaide Lead Near Maryborough
Adelaide L Adelaide Lead Near Maryborough
Adra Alexandra
Aford Allansford
Agne Agnes
Aherst Amherst
Ails Ailsa Near Warracknabeal
Aitk Aitkens Gap Near Gisborne
Alb Albert Park
Albi Albion Births 1860-65. Deaths 1955-85
Alex Alexandra Births 1853-93, 1920. Deaths 1922-85
Al Ex Alexandra Births 1867, 1876, 1878, 1882, 1885
Alexnader Alexandra Births 1869 for Milliard
Albe Alberton Births 1854-87. Deaths 1954-85
Albe Albert Park Births 1893. Deaths 1954-85
Al Be Alberton Births 1860, 1876-93
Al Be Albert Park Births 1876-93
Alber Alberton
Albpark Albert Park Deaths 1894 for Stewart
Alb Park Albert Park Deaths 1891-1953
Albt Park Albert Park Deaths 1891-1953
Alf H Alfred Hospital Deaths 1885 for McNamara
Alf Hosp Alfred Hospital Deaths 1881-84
Alfd Hosp Alfred Hospital Deaths 1882-83
Alfr Alfredton (Ballarat)
All Allendale
Alla Allambee
Alla Allans Flat
Alla Allansford
Alle Allendale
Almo Almonds
Almu Almurta
Alph Alphington
Alpton Alphington Births 1857, 1861. Deaths 1948-53
Alto Altona
Alvi Alvie
Amhe Amherst
Amherst Hosp Amherst Hospital
Amph Amphitheatre
Anco Ancona
Ande Anderson
Angl Anglesea
Annu Annuello
Antw Antwerp
Ap Albert Park
Apark Albert Park Births 1892. Deaths 1891-94, 1939, 1951
A Park Albert Park Births 1903. Deaths 1891-1953
A P Convent Albert Park Convent (Loreto Convent) Deaths 1902 for Donegan
A Pk Albert Park
Apol Apollo Bay Births 1860-83. Deaths 1954-85
Apollo B Apollo Bay Births 1859, 1915-20. Deaths 1915-53
Apollo By Apollo Bay Births 1917. Deaths 1937
Apollo H Apollo Bay Abbr error (Apollo B) Births 1919 for Nicholls
Appi Appin
Appi Appin South
Appo Apollo Bay Births 1860 for Golden
Appollo Apollo Bay Births 1861 for Golden
Appollo By Apollo Bay Births 1859, 1861 for Forsyth & Williams
Apsl Apsley
Arar Ararat Births 1860-87. Deaths 1954-85
Ararathosp Ararat Hospital
Arat Ararat
Arat Hosp Ararat Hospital
A Rat Hosp Ararat Hospital
Araw Arawata
Arca Arcadia
Arch Archdale
Arch Archerton
Arch Archies Creek
Ardale Armadale
Ardm Ardmona
Argy Argyle
Arm Armadale
Arms Armstrong
Arno Arnold Deaths 1954-85
Arnolds Bridge Arnolds Bridge (Not an abbr) Now Arnold, near Inglewood. Deaths 1888
Arnolds Gy Arnolds Gully Golden Point area, Ballarat. Births 1858 for Hemley
Aree Areegra
Arth Arthurs Seat
Asco Ascot
Asco Ascot Vale
Ascot V Ascot Vale
Ashb Ashbourne
Ashb Ashburton
Ashb Ashby Old part of Geelong West
Ashw Ashwood
Aspe Aspendale
As Vale Ascot Vale
Athl Athlone
Atre Amphitheatre
Atheatre Amphitheatre
At Park Albert Park Death 1891, 1933
At Sea At Sea Births 1849-1896. Yep, on a ship. (Not an Abbr.)
Aubr Aubrey
Av Ascot Vale Births 1891-1913. Deaths 1890-1913
A V Ascot Vale Births 1902-13. Deaths 1890-1914/27/47
Avale Ascot Vale
A Vale Ascot Vale
Aven Avenel
Avoc Avoca
Avon Avondale Heights
Avon Avonsleigh
Axe Axe Creek The creek itself. Births 1862, 1864. Deaths 1863
Axec (1) Axe Creek The creek. Births 1860-65, 1870?
Axec (2) Axe Creek The village. Births 1870?. Deaths 1984
Axed Axedale Births 1860-93. Deaths 1954-85
Bacc Bacchus Marsh
Back Back Creek Camberwell to Glen Iris. Flows to Gardiners Creek.
Back Back Creek White Hills, Epson, Huntly
Badd Baddaginnie
Badg Badger Creek
Bags Bagshot
Bail Bailieston
Bair Bairnsdale
Bairnsdale Hosp Bairnsdale Hospital
Bala Balaclava
Bald Bald Hills
Ball Ballarat
Ba Ll Ballarat
Ballhosp Ballarat Hospital
Ball Hosp Ballarat Hospital
Ballr Ballarat
Ballt Hosp Ballarat Hospital
Ballt W Ballarat West
Bally Ballyrogan
Bally Ballyshannassy Now Burwood
Balm Balmoral Births 1860-93. Deaths 1954-84
Ba Lm Balmoral Births 1860, 1876-93.
Baln Balnarring
Baln Balnarring Beach
Balo Balook
Balong Bunalong
Balt Ballarat
Balt Hosp Ballarat Hospital
Balw Balwyn
Bama Bamawm
Band Bandiana
Bang Bangerang
Bang Bangholme
Bann Bannerton
Bann Bannockburn
Bany Banyena
Bara Baranduda
Barf Barfold
Barh Barwon Heads Deaths 1979/84 for Webb and Joyce
Bari Baringhup
Barj Barjarg
Bark Barkers Creek Between Castlemaine and Harcourt
Bark Barkly
Bark Barkstead
Barm Barmah
Barn Barnawartha
Barn Barnawartha North
Barn Barnawartha South
Barnarwart Barnawartha Abbr error. Births 1868,74
Barnawarth Barnawartha
Barntha Barnawartha
Baro Barongarook
Baro Barongarook West
Barr Barrabool
Barr Barrakee
Barr Barraport
Barrys Ree Barrys Reef
Barw Barwidgee
Barw Barwite
Barw Barwon River
Bass Bass Town, but can be River or County with old births/deaths
Bate Batesford
Baxt Baxter
Bayi Bayindeen
Bayl Bayles
Bayn Baynton
Bays Bayswater
Bburn Blackburn Births 1914-1920, Deaths 1913-1953
Bdale Bairnsdale
Bdale Hosp Bairnsdale Hospital
Bdara Boroondarah Births 1855-77
Bdg Bendigo Deaths 1893 for Payne
Bdgewater Bridgewater on Loddon (Bridgewater) Births 1918. Deaths 1883, 1887
Bdgo Bendigo Births 1892, 1896. Deaths 1891-94, 1901-13
Bdgo Ben Asyl Bendigo Benevolent Asylum Deaths 1894 for Reardon
Bdgo Hosp Bendigo Hospital Deaths 1891-95
Bd Meadows Broadmeadows Births 1861 for Love
Bdo Hosp Bendigo Hospital Deaths 1891 for Bates
Bdoora Bundoora Births 1857 for Murphy. Deaths 1933-52
Beal Bealiba
Bear Bearii
Bear Bears Lagoon
Beau Beaufort Births 1854-93. Deaths 1954-85
Be Au Beaufort Births 1860, 1876-93
Beau Beaumaris Births 1854-93. Deaths 1954-85
Beaz Beazleys Bridge
Beea Beeac
Beec Beechworth
Belf Belfast Now Port Fairy
Belg Belgrave
Bell Bellarine Deaths 1954-85
Bell Bellbrae Deaths 1954-85
Bell Bell Park Deaths 1954-85
Bemm Bemm River
Bena Benalla
Bena Benambra
Bendigo Hosp Bendigo Hospital
Beng Bengworden
Benj Benjeroop
Benl Benloch
Benn Bennettswood (Burwood)
Bent Bentleigh
Bere Beremboke
Berl Berlin (Also Berlin Flat/Rush/Field) Now Rheola. Births 1875-79
Be Rl Berlin (Also Berlin Flat/Rush/Field) Now Rheola. Births 1876-78
Berr Berrimal
Berr Berringa
Berr Berringama
Berr Berriwillock
Berr Berrybank
Berr Berrys Creek
Berw Berwick
Betb Bet Bet
Bete Bete Bolong
Beth Bethanga
Betn Bonbch & Melb Between Bonbeach and - Melbourne. Deaths 1953 for Welsford
BetnDandenong&Melb Between Dandenong and - Melbourne. Deaths 1953 for Storey
Betn E Cwell Prn Between East Camberwell - Prahran. Deaths 1939 for Wilkin
BetnEMalvAndMelb Between East Malvern and - Melbourne. Deaths 1953 for Clarke
Betn E Melb & Froy Between East Melbourne - and Fitzroy. Deaths 1953 for Ryan
Betn Hawth And Melb Between Hawthorne and - Melbourne. Deaths 1953 for Standfield
Betn Kens & Pville Between Kensington and - Parkville. Deaths 1953 for Yoanidis
Betn Windsor & Melb Between Winsor and - Melbourne. Deaths 1953 for Rouse
BetnYville&MelbHosp Between Yarraville and - Melbourne Hospital. Deaths 1933 for Sprott
Beul Beulah
Bfield Broomfield
Bford Broadford
Bfort Beaufort
Bforest Beech Forest
B Forest Beech Forest
Bgeich Ballangeich
Bgo Hos Bendigo Hospital
Bgo Hosp Bendigo Hospital
Bgurra Birregurra
Bhill Box Hill
B Hill Box Hill
Bholme Branxholme
B Hosp Ballarat Hospital Deaths 1881 for Ah Gem. Late of Sebastopol
Bigg Biggara
Bigh Big Hill Now part of Wallan (NW side)
Bigh Big Hill Near Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo
Bigp Big Pats Creek
Bill Billabong
Birc Birch Hill Near Clunes
Birc Birchip
Birr Birregurra
Bitt Bittern
Bk Forest Black Forest Near Macedon, Births 1859, 1861
Bkland Buckland Births 1858 for Jagoe, Barry & Bear
Bk Land Buckland Births 1858 for Allen
Bk Lead Black Lead Btw Mt Helen & Buninyong. Births 1858 for Hickson
Bk Mans Ld Black Mans Lead At Maryborough. Births 1858 for Johnson & Highdale
Bk Rk Black Rock Deaths 1950, 1951 for Toy & Stooke
Bk Rock Black Rock Deaths 1933-50
Bk Spring Black Springs Gone. Near Beechworth. Births 1861 for McKinnon
Bk Swamp Black Swamp Near Belfast, Balmoral or Bullarook. Births 1858
Blac Blackburn Deaths 1954-85
Blac Black Forest Near Macedon. Births 1853-?
Blac Black Mans Lead At Maryborough. Births 1860 for Johnson
Blac Black Swan (Ship) (At Sea, Lond-Melb, 8 Dec 1860). Deaths 1861, Alfred Ellis
Blac Blackwood Births ?-1893. Deaths 1954-85
Black Balaclava Error. Deaths 1955 & 1968 for Milkins & Brearley
Black Black Lead Btw Mt Helen & Buninyong. Births 1861-72
Black Fore Black Forest Near Macedon. Births 1855-68
Black L Black Lead Btw Mt Helen & Buninyong. Births 1859, 1866
Black Ld Black Lead Btw Mt Helen & Buninyong. Births 1858-68
Black Spg Black Springs Gone. Near Beechworth. Births 1861 for Spencer
Black Spng Black Springs Gone. Near Beechworth. Births 1858, 1859. Lee & Peach
Black Spr Black Springs Gone. Near Beechworth. Births 1861 for Sloane
Black Spri Black Springs Gone. Near Beechworth. Births 1859
Black Stn Black Station Near Mt Emu, Devil's River or Geelong. Births 1847
Black Swmp Black Swamp Near Belfast, Balmoral or Bullarook. Births 1858, 1859
Blai Blairgowrie
Blam Blampied
Bland Buckland
Bleigh Bentleigh
Blkburn Blackburn Deaths 1935,1937,1946,1947
Blow Blowhard
Blue Blue Mountain (aka Old Glue Pot) Near Trentham. Births 1860-93
Bl Ue Blue Mountain (aka Old Glue Pot) Near Trentham. Births 1876-93
Blue Mount Blue Mountain Near Trentham. Births 1857-1888. Deaths 1882-85
Blue Mt Blue Mountain Near Trentham. Births 1866-1914. Deaths 1881-1905
Blue Mtn Blue Mountain Near Trentham. Births 1866-1914. Deaths 1881-1914
Blue Mts Blue Mountain Near Trentham. Births 1866-1901. Deaths 1881-1914
B Marsh Bacchus Marsh
Bmarsh Bacchus Marsh
Bmauris Beaumaris Deaths 1939 for Mcgeachin
Bmdows Broadmeadows Births 1866, 1892-1920. Deaths 1894, 1901-1940
Bmdws Broadmeadows Births 1892-1901. Deaths 1891-1914, 1936-52
Bmeadows Broadmeadows Births 1850-1918. Deaths 1851-52, 1883-1953
Bmoral Balmoral
Bobi Bobinawarrah
Boch Bochara
Bogo Bogong
Boho Boho
Boho Boho South
Boig Boigbeat
Boin Boinka
Bois Boisdale
Bola Lake Bolac Single entry. For Duncan
Boli Bolinda
Boli Bolinda Vale
Bolt Bolton
Bolw Bolwarrah
Bona Bona Vista
Bonb Bonbeach
Bone Bonegilla
Bong Bung Bong
Bonn Bonnie Doon
Bool Boolarong
Bool Boolarra
Boom Boomahnoomoonah
Boor Boorhaman
Boor Boorhaman North
Boor Booroolite
Boor Boort
Boos Boosey
Bora Boralma
Boro Boronia Deaths 1954-85
Boro Boroondarah Births 1849-54, 1860-76, 1894. Deaths 1852
Boru Borung
Boun Boundary Bend Deaths 1955-83
Boun Boundary Creek South of Colac. Births 1864 for Armstrong
Boundary C Boundary Creek South of Colac. Flows to Barwon R. Births 1866 for East
Bour Bourke (County) Births 1839-75
Bourke Bourke (County) Births 1859,68
Bowe Bowenvale
Bowe Boweya
Bowm Bowmans Forest
Box H Box Hill
Boxw Boxwood
Brad Bradvale
Brae Braeside
Brat Ballarat
Brat Hosp Ballarat Hospital
Brdmdws Broadmeadows
Bream Ck Bream Creek aka Thompsons Creek to Breamlea. Births 1858-59, 1861
Bren Brenanah
Bri Brighton
Bria Briagolong
Bria Briar Hill
Bric Brickfields Southbank area. Births 1847 for Gates
Brick Brunswick Births 1873 for Innes(s)
Brickfield Brickfields Southbank area. Births 1843-48
Brickflds Brickfields Southbank area. Births 1843 for Palmer twins
Brid Bridgewater (Bridgewater on Loddon) Births 1860-93. Deaths 1955-85
Brid Bridgewater on Loddon (Bridgewater) Births 1843, 1860-93. Deaths 1955-85
Br Id Bridgewater on Loddon (Bridgewater) Births 1860, 1878, 1882, 1885, 1893
Bridgewate Bridgewater on Loddon (Bridgewater) Births 1846-88. Deaths 1882-87
Bridgewtr Bridgewater on Loddon (Bridgewater) Births 1894 for Gook. Deaths 1885-86
Brig Bright
Brig Brighton
Brim Brim
Brim Brimin
Brim Brimpaen
Brine Bellarine
Brit Bright Single entry, possible error
Brit Brighton Single entry, possible error
Brit Brit Brit
Brnswk Imm Home Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1891-1902
Broa Broadford Births 1849-93. Deaths 1954-85
Broa Broadmeadows Births 1849-93. Deaths 1954-85
Broa Broadwater Births 1849-93
Broadfd Broadford
Brom Bromley
Broo Brooklyn
Broo Broombank Gone. Derby St area, Tullamarine
Broo Broomfield
Br Oo Broomfield
Brook Bullarook Births 1858-1866
Bourne Fst ??? Births 1861 for Delgleish. Beechworth area.
Brow Brown Hill
Brsk Brunswick Births 1892 for Green. Deaths 1901-13
Brswck Brunswick Births 1892-1920. Deaths 1881-1953
Brswe Imm House Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1891 for Smith
Brswk Brunswick
Brswk E Brunswick East
Brswk Imm H Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1896-99
Brs Wk Imm H Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1892 for Quinn
Brswk Imm Ho Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1898
Brswk Imm Home Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1891-1902
Brswk Imm Hosp Brunswick Immigrants Hospital (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1894-95
Brswk Imm House Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1891, 1896
Brswk Imms Home Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1898 for Graham
Brswk N Brunswick North
Brt Brighton
Brtn E Brighton East Births 1880-1913. Deaths 1881-1915. Marriages 1883-1911
Brton Brighton
Brton N Brighton North
Brua Bruarong
Brunswick Imm Hom Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1892
Bswk Imm H Brunswick Immigrants Home (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1884 for Ivey
Btha Barnawartha
Btn Brighton
Btn B Brighton Beach
Btn Beach Brighton Beach
Btn Bch Brighton Beach
Btn E Brighton East
Btn Rmond & Froy Between Richmond and - Fitzroy. Deaths 1953 for Upton
Btn S Melb Carlton Between South Melbourne - Carlton. Deaths 1933 for Harris
Bton Brighton Deaths 1883-1953
Btwn Carl & Froy Between Carlton and Fitzroy Deaths 1947 for Sutherland
BtwnEssdn&Parkville Between Essendon and - Parkville. Deaths 1947 for Parsons
Btwn Gln Irs & Ffield Between Glen Iris and Fairfield Deaths 1937 for Cock
Buan Buangor
Buch Buchan
Buck Buckland
Buck Buckrabanyule
Budg Budgens Flat Or Budgens Lead. Gone. Area near Scarsdale/Smythesdale
Buff Buffalo River
Bula Bulart
Buld Buldah
Bule Bulleen Single entry Abbr. Error (bull) for Porter death
Bulg Bulgana
Bull Bulla
Bull Bullarook
Bull Bullarto
Bull Bullarto South
Bull Bulleen
Bull Bullengarook
Bullar Bullarook Births 1859,1892 for Childs and Layock
Bullock Ck Bullock Creek Flows Nth Ravenswood Sth to Pyramid Ck. Births 1858-68
Buln Buln Buln
Bumb Bumberrah
Bun ??? Deaths 1974, 1983
Bun Bundoora Deaths 1974 for Beamont
Bun Bundoora Deaths 1974 for Johns (Plenty Hosp, Mont Park)
Bun Bundoora Deaths 1974 for Abbott (Larundel Hosp, Mont Park)
Bun Buninyong Births 1872 for Goode & Golden
Bun Bunyip Deaths 1974 for Eastman & Primrose
Bunb Bunbartha
Bund Bundalaguah
Bund Bundalong
Bund Bundalong South
Bund Bundoora
Bung Bungaree
Bung Bungeet
Bung Bungeet West
Bung Bungil
Buni Buninyong
Burg Bungaree Abbr. error (Bung) for Fenton birth
Burk Burkes Flat Births 1862-93. Deaths 1961/66/80
Bu Rk Burkes Flat Births 1876-93
Burkes F Burkes Flat Deaths 1924/25 for Martin and Fuller
Burkes Fl Burkes Flat Births 1868-1915
Burkes Fla Burkes Flat Deaths 1884-87
Burkes Flo Burkes Flat Abbr. error. Births 1888 for Collins
Burkes Flt Burkes Flat Deaths 1882-85
Burkes Pl Burkes Flat Abbr. error. Births 1888 for Jewell
Burn Burnley
Burn Burnt Creek Dunolly area
Burr Burramine
Burr Burrowye
Burr Burrumbeet
Burw Burwood
Bush Bushfield
Bush Bushy Creek
Bush Bushy Park
Butc Butchers Ridge
Bwartha Barnawartha
Bwater Bridgewater on Loddon
Bwatha Barnawartha
B W Hosp Ballarat W? Hospital Deaths 1885 for Knickel(l) of Ballarat
Bwick Brunswick
Bwick E Brunswick East
Bwk Brunswick
Bwk E Brunswick East
Bwkimhosp Brunswick Immigrants Hospital (Royal Park. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1886 for Keane
Bwk N Brunswick North
Bwood Blackwood
Bworth Hos Beechworth Hospital
Bworth Hosp Beechworth Hospital
B Worth Hosp Beechworth Hospital
Byad Byaduk
Byaw Byawatha
Byla Bylands
Byong Buninyong
Caba Cabarita
Cabb Cabbage Tree Creek
Cair Bairnsdale Abbr. error (Bair)
Cald Caldermeade
Cali California Gully
Cali Calivil
Call Callawadda
Call Callignee
Call Callignee North
Calu Calulu
Camb Camberwell
Cambrian H Cambrian Hill
Camdown Camperdown
Camfd Campbellfield Births 1859 for Murphy
Camp Campbellfield
Camp Campbells Bridge
Camp Campbells Creek
Camp Campbells Forest
Camp Camperdown
Cani Caniambo
Cann Cann River
Cann Cannons Creek
Cann Cannum
Cant Canterbury
Canv Canvas Town Emerald Hill area (South Melb). Births 1853
Canvas Tow Canvas Town Emerald Hill area (South Melb). Deaths 1853
Canvas Twn Canvas Town Emerald Hill area (South Melb). Deaths 1853
Cape Cape Bridgewater
Cape Cape Clear
Cape Cape Otway
Cape Cape Schanck
Cara Caramut
Cara Carapook
Carb Carboor
Card Cardigan
Card Cardinia
Card Cardross
Carg Cargerie
Cari Carina
Cari Carisbrook
Carl Carlsruhe
Carl Carlton
Ca Rl Carlton
Carl C Carlton Central
Carl Ch Hosp Carlton Childrens Hospital
Carl Chil Hosp Carlton Childrens Hospital
Carl Child Hosp Carlton Childrens Hospital
Carl Childs Hosp Carlton Childrens Hospital
Carl Hosp Carlton Hospital
Carl N Carlton North
Carlt Hosp Carlton Hospital
Carl Woms Hosp Carlton Womens Hospital
Carl Womens Hosp Carlton Womens Hospital
Carlton W Hosp Carlton Womens Hospital
Carlton Wom Hosp Carlton Womens Hospital
Carn Carnegie
Carn Carngham Births 1862-1893
Ca Rn Carngham Births 1876-1893
Carr Carranballac
Carr Carrajung
Carr Carrum
Carr Carrup Carrup
Carr Currum Downs
Carw Carwarp
Cass Cassilis
Cast Casterton
Cast Castlemaine
Castlemaine Hosp Castlemain Hospital
Castn Casterton
Cata Catani
Cath Cathcart
Catn Casterton
Caud Caulfield
Caul Caulfield Deaths (Birthplace) 1857-78
Cauld Caulfield
Cave Caveat
Cave Cavendish
Cays Cays Diggings Laanecoorie-Newbridge area. Births 1860-64
Cbells C Campbells Creek
Cbfield Campbellfield
Cbfld Campbellfield
Cbourne Cranbourne
Cbury Canterbury
Cdon Croydon
Cdown Camperdown
Cbrook Cairnbrook Glengarry area
Cgollah Chillingollah
Cha Charlton
Chad Chadstone
Chal Challicum Tatyoon North area
Cham Cheltenham
Chame Cunninghame
Chan Cheltenham Occurs 3 times. Abbr. error (Cham)
Char Charam
Char Charlton
Charcoal Charcoal Gully Morrison St area, Kangaroo Flat. Births 1859
Charcoal G Charcoal Gully Morrison St area, Kangaroo Flat. Births 1856-68
Charl Charlton
Charl Hosp Charlton Hospital
Chap Corindhap
Chat Chatsworth
Cheltnm Cheltenham
Chep Chepstowe
Cher Cherokee
Ches Cheshunt
Ches Chesney Vale
Chet Chetwynd Births 1863-93. Deaths 1958-82
Chew Chewton
Chil Chillingollah
Chil Chiltern
Chil Chiltern South
Chil Chiltern Valley
Chil Chilwell
Ch Il Chiltern
Chil Hosp Chiltern Hospital
Chin Chinkapook
Chin Chintin
Choc Chocolyn
Chur Churchill
C Lake Clear Lake
Clar Claretown
Clar Clarinda
Clar Clarkefield
Clay Clayton
Clear L Clear Lake
Clev Cleveland Heidelberg area (Long gone)
Clif H Clifton Hill
Clif Hill Clifton Hill
Clon Clonbinane
Clov Cloverlea
Clow Clowes Forest Gone. Tylden South area. Births 1860, 1864
Clowes F Clowes Forest Gone. Tylden South area. Births 1859 for Mansfield
Clowes For Clowes Forest Gone. Tylden South area. Births 1858 for Allcorn
Clowes Frt Clowes Forest Gone. Tylden South area. Births 1858 for Ogden
Clowes Fst Clowes Forest Gone. Tylden South area. Births 1859 for Allen
Clowes Ft Clowes Forest Gone. Tylden South area. Births 1861 for Blant
Club Club Terrace
Clun Clunes
Cl Un Clunes
Clunes Hosp Clunes Hospital
Cmainhosp Castlemaine Hospital
C Maine Hosp Castlemaine Hospital
Coal Coalville
Coba Cobains
Coba Cobaw
Cobb Cobbannah
Cobr Cobram
Coca Cocamba
Coch Cochranes Creek
Cock Cockatoo
Cogh Coghills Creek Births 1860-93. Deaths 1964-82
Coghills Coghills Creek Births 1861-1900. Deaths 1883/86
Coghills C Coghills Creek Births 1861-1914. Deaths 1881-1922
Cohghillsck Coghills Creek Births 1861-80
Coghills Ck Coghills Creek Births 1890-1920. Deaths 1890-1922
Coghillscr Coghills Creek Births 1880 for Gray, Giles and Frank
Coghills Crk Coghills Creek Births 1880 for Simpson
Cohu Cohuna
Coim Coimadai
Cola Colac
Cola Colac Colac Near Corryong
Cola Colac East
Cola Colac West
Colac Hosp Colac Hospital
Colb Colbinabbin
Cole Coleraine
Coli Colignan
Collingwo Collingwood
Collingwoo Collingwood
Collwood Collingwood
Comb Combienbar
Commrs Gu Commissioners Gully Gone. Ironbark area. Births 1859 for Kerr, Brown
Conc Concongella
Cong Congupna
Conn Connewirricoo
Cono Conover Old name of Coonooer Bridge. Births 1875-1879
Cono Conover West Old name of Coonooer West. Births 1875-1879
Co No Conover Old name of Coonooer Bridge. Births 1876-1878
Co No Conover West Old name of Coonooer West. Births 1876-1878
Cooj Coojar
Cool Coolaroo
Cool Coolart
Coom Coomboona
Coon Coonooer Bridge
Cope Cope Cope
Cora Cora Lynn
Cora Corack
Cora Corack East
Cora Coragulac
Cori Corindhap
Cori Corinella
Corn Corinella Single entry Abbr. error (Cori) for Hansen
Corn Corndale Near Casterton.
Corn Cornelia Creek (Echuca)
Coro Coronet Bay
Coro Corop
Coro Cororooke
Corr Corryong
Cosg Cosgrove
Cost Costerfield
Cowa Cowangie
Cowe Cowes
Cowi Cowie's Creek Geelong North area
Cowleys Ck Cowleys Creek
Coww Cowwarr Births 1870-93. Deaths 1954-85
Co Ww Cowwarr Births 1878, 1885, 1893
Crai Craigieburn
Cran Cranbourne
Cree Creek Junction
Crei Creightons Creek
Cres Cressy
Cres Creswick
Cr Es Creswick
Cresw Creswick
Cresw Hosp Creswick Hospital
Creswick Hosp Creswick Hospital
Crib Crib Point
Cris Creswick Abbr. error (Cres) Births 1882. Deaths 1984
Crow Crowlands
Croy Croydon
Crswk Hosp Creswick Hospital
Crul Caulfield Abbr. error (Caul) Births 1860 for Hewett
Crwk Creswick
Csea Chelsea
Cton Carlton
Ctown Camperdown (Cdown) Deaths 1886, 1912 for Hodgson, Williams, Sharp
Ctown Williamstown (Wtown) Deaths 1948, 1953 for Morrissey, Precious
Cudg Cudgewa
Culg Culgoa
Cull Culla
Cull Cullulleraine
Cund Cundare
Cury Curyo
Cwick Hosp Creswick Hospital
Cwk Hosp Creswick Hospital
Cwong Corryong Abbr. error (Cyong)
Cyong Corryong
Cwood Convent Collingwood Convent (Convent of the Good Shephard) Deaths 1891-92, 1898
C Wood Collingwood Births 1892-1918. Deaths 1881-95, 1917, 1940
Dalm Dalmore
Dalt Daltons Bridge
Daly Dalyston
Dare Darebin Creek
Darg Dargo
Darl Darley
Darl Darlimurla
Darl Darlingford (Howqua R, Goulburn R. intersect) Flooded under L. Eildon
Darn Darnum
Darr Darraweit Guim
Darr Darriman
Dart Dartmouth
Dayl Daylesford
Da Yl Daylesford
Daylesford Hosp Daylesford Hospital
Dboola Dimboola
Dead Dead Horse Gully Eaglehawk area. Births 1860-1864
Dead Dog Dead Dog Gully Golden Gully area. Births 1859 for Webb
Dead Dog G Dead Dog Gully Golden Gully area. Births 1858/66 for Brown/Barton
Dead H Gy Dead Horse Gully Eaglehawk area. Births 1856 for Willcocks
Deadhorse Dead Horse Gully Eaglehawk area. Births 1861/66
Dead Horse Dead Horse Gully Eaglehawk area. Births 1856-1859
Dead Hrs G Dead Horse Gully Eaglehawk area. Births 1859 for Davies
Dead Hs Gy Dead Horse Gully Eaglehawk area. Births 1861 for Travaroow (Trevorrow)
Dede Dederang
Deep Deep Creek
Deep Deepdene
Deep Deep Lead
Deer Deer Park
Dela Delacombe
Delb Delburn
Delegate R Delegate River
Deni Denicull Creek
Dentgam Deutgam (Parish) Werribee area. Abbr error. Births 1868 for Stothers
Dentgum Deutgam (Parish) Werribee area. Abbr error. Births 1866 for Wilson
Denv Denver
Dere Dereel
Derr Derrimut
Derr Derrinal
Derr Derrinallum
Deutgam Deutgam (Parish) Werribee/Wyndham area. Deaths 1888 for Phelan
Deve Devenish Births 1881-93. Deaths 1954-85
Dford Hosp Daylesford Hospital
D Ford Hosp Daylesford Hospital
Dhur Dhurringile
Diam Diamond Creek
Diamond C Diamond Creek
Diamond Ck Diamond Creek
Digg Diggers Rest
Digg Diggora
Dimb Dimboola
Ding Dingee
Ding Dingley
Dlly Dunolly
Dnond Dandenong Abbr. error (Dnong)
Dnong Dandenong
Dock Docker
Dock Dockers Plains
Doct Doctors Flat Deaths 1973 for Coventry
Doct Doctors Hill or Gully Near Newbury (Hill). Births 1860 x3. Marquand is Hill
Doctors Gl Doctors Gully At Hepburn. Births 1858 for Clair
Doctors Gu Doctors Gully At Hepburn. Births 1859, 1861 for Hunt, Brown
Doctors Gy Doctors Gully At Hepburn. Births 1858, 1859, 1861
Doll Dollar
Don Donald (1856 only)
Don Doncaster
Dona Donald
Donc Doncaster
Done Donnelly's Creek (Town) Gone. North of Walhalla. Births 1864-65, 1875
Dong Dandenong
Donn Donnybrook
Donv Donvale
Doob Dooboobetic
Dooe Dooen
Dook Dookie
Doon Bonnie Doon Births 1870-1891, Deaths 1881-1908
Door Dookie Abbr. error (Dook)
Doro Dorodong
Dowl Dowling Forest Births 1860-1872. Close to Miners Rest
Dowling Dowling Forest
Dowling F Dowling Forest
Dowling Fl Dowling Forest
Dowling Fo Dowling Forest
Dowling Fr Dowling Forest
Dowling Fs Dowling Forest
Dowling Ft Dowling Forest
Dree Dreeite
Drom Dromana
Drou Drouin
Drou Drouin East
Drou Drouin South
Drou Drouin West
Drum Drumanure
Drum Drumborg
Drum Drumcondra
Drum Drummartin
Drum Drummond
Drum Drummond North
Dryc Dry Creek Now Thomastown and Lalor
Duck Duck Ponds Now Lara
Dumb Dumbalk
Dumb Dumbalk North
Dumo Dumosa
Duna Dunach
Dund Dundas
Dune Mount Duneed Births 1854-1872
Duneed Duneed Creek Births 1852-1877. South of Geelong
Duneed Mount Duneed Births 1852-1877,1898. South of Geelong
Dunk Dunkeld
Dunn Dunnstown
Duno Dunolly
Dunolly Hosp Dunolly Hospital
Dunr Dunrobin
Durh Durham Lead
Durh Durham Ox
Durham L Durham Lead
Duts Dutson
Eagl Eaglehawk (Birthplace) Deaths 1855, 1861-79
Eagle Eaglehawk Births 1856-93. Deaths 1966 fo Ewart
East East Brighton
East East Kew
East East Malvern
East East Melbourne
East Eastern View
Ebde Ebden
Eben East Bentleigh
Ebri East Brighton
Eca Echuca
Ec Hu Echuca Births 1876-1893
Echuca Hosp Echuca Hospital
Eddi Eddington
Eden Edenhope
Eden Eden Park
Eden Pk Eden Park
Ediu Edi Upper
Edon Essendon
Egan Eganstown
Egli Eglington Gone. East of Amherst at McCallums Ck. Births 1862-76
Ehaw East Hawthorn
E Hawk Eaglehawk
Ehil Emerald Hill Now South Melbourne. Births 1879-82
E Hill Emerald Hill South Melb. Births 1856-80. Deaths 1881-83, 1932, 1946
Eh Il Emerald Hill Now South Melbourne. Births 1882
E Hoth East Hotham (East side of North Melbourne)
E Hotham East Hotham (East side of North Melbourne)
E Ihoe East Ivanhoe Deaths 1945-52
Eild Eildon
E Ivan East Ivanhoe Deaths 1953 for Groube
E Ivanhoe East Ivanhoe Deaths 1945-53
Eldo Eldorado
El Do Eldorado
Elep Mt Elephant Near Lismore
Ella Ellaswood
Elli Elliminyt
Elmh Elmhurst
Elmo Elmore
Elms Elmsford Loddon R./Elmsford Rd area, Newbridge. Births 1864 for Cay
Elms Elmsford Gone. Btw Dandenong & Keysborough. Births 1864
Elms Elmhurst Abbr error (Elmh) Births 1882 for Tardrew
Elph Elphinstone
Elst Elsternwick
Elth Eltham Births 1854, 1960-93, 1906. Deaths 1954-85
Elwo Elwood
Elys Elysian Flat Elysian Flat Ck, Neilborough area. Births 1860-65
Elysian Elysian Flat Elysian Flat Ck, Neilborough area. Births 1858, 1866
Elysian Fl Elysian Flat Elysian Flat Ck, Neilborough area. Births 1858, 1866, 1868
Elysian Ft Elysian Flat Elysian Flat Ck, Neilborough area. Births 1858
Emal East Malvern
Emalv East Malvern
E Malv East Malvern
Emdhill Emerald Hill South Melbourne. Births 1880
Emd Hill Emerald Hill South Melbourne. Births 1861, 1880. Deaths 1881-82
Emei East Melbourne Abbr error (Emel) 1984-85 for Halloran, Goodman & Blain
Emel East Melbourne
Emelbhosp East Melbourne Hospital
Emelb Hosp East Melbourne Hospital
E Mel Hosp East Melbourne Hospital
Emer Emerald Deaths 1954-85
Emer Emerald Hill South Melbourne. Births 1853-93. Deaths 1853, 1868
Em Er Emerald Hill South Melbourne. Births 1860, 1876, 1878, 1882
Emerald H Emerald Hill South Melbourne. Births 1855-77
Emerald Hi Emerald Hill South Melbourne. Births 1855-80, Deaths 1882-83
Emerald Hl Emerald Hill South Melbourne. Births 1853-74
Em H Emerald Hill South Melbourne. Births 1873
E Mlb Hosp East Melbourne Hospital
Emld Hill Emerald Hill Now South Melbourne. Births 1855-74
Emont Eaglemont Deaths 1934-52
Emuc Emu Creek
Enfi Enfield
Enoc Enochs Point
Ensa Ensay
Ensa Ensay North
Ensa Ensay South
Eppa Eppalock
Eppi Epping
Epso Epsom
Eric Erica
Erin East Ringwood
Esdon Essendon
Eskd Eskdale
Esmo Esmond
Esse Essendon
Estk East St Kilda Deaths 1983-85
E St K East St Kilda Births 1855 for Brooks. Deaths 1933-53
Etham Eltham Deaths 1942 for Smith
Eur Euroa
Eura Eurack
Eureka Rf Eureka Reef Near Chewton
Euro Euroa
Euro Eurobin
Ever Everton
Ewick Elsternwick
E Wtown North Williamstown Abbr error (N Wtown) Deaths 1952 for Stewart
Fair Fairfield
Fair Fairy Dell
Fall Falls Creek
Fara Faraday
Fern Fernbank
Fern Fernihurst
Fern Fernshaw
Ffld Fairfield
Fing Fingal
Fish Fish Creek
Fish Ck Fish Creek
Fisk Fiskville
Fi Tz Fitzroy Births 1876-85.
Fitz S Convent Fitzroy South Convent (Convent of Mercy) Deaths 1895 for Partridge
Flag Flaggy Creek
Flem Flemington
Fleming Flemington
Flin Flinders
Flor Flora Hill
Flow Flowerdale
Flron Flemington Abbr. error (Flton)
Flton Flemington
Flyn Flynn
Flyn Flynns Creek Also known as Upper Flynn or Upper Flynns Creek
Ffield Fairfield
Fita N Fitzroy North Abbr. error (Fitz N)
Fitzn Fitzroy North
Foot Footscray Deaths (birthplace) 1855-79
Fo Ot Footscray Births 1860-85
Foots Footscray
Forb Forbes Near Kilmore
Fore Forest Creek Births 1852-54, 1860-65, 1875. Deaths 1852-53
Fore Forest Hill Deaths 1955-85
Forg Forge Creek
Forr Forrest
Fost Foster
Fost Fosterville
Fran Franklinford
Fran Frankston
Fren Frenchmans
Frnn Frankston Abbr. error (Fran) Deaths 1983 for Drigant
Free Freeburgh
Fren Frenchmans
Froy S Fitzroy South
Frye Fryers Creek
Frye Fryers Forest On Fryers Creek. Proclaimed Fryerstown in 1860
Frye Fryerstown Originally Fryers Forest.
Fryers Ck Fryers Creek
Fscray Footscray
F T Gully Ferntree Gully
Ftiz Fitzroy
Fton Flemington
Ftonkton Flemington & Kensington (Borough of) Deaths 1884-86
Ftree Ferntree Gully
Ftree G Ferntree Gully
Fulh Fulham
Fumi Fumina
Fumi Fumina South
Fyan Fyans Creek
Fyan Fyansford
Gabo Gabo Island
Gack Yackandandah Abbr. error (Yack)
Gaff Gaffneys Creek
Gaffneys Ck Gaffneys Creek
Gann Gannawarra
Gaps Gapsted
Gard Gardenvale
Gard Gardiners Creek (Kooyongkoot Creek) Gardiner/Glen Iris. Flows to Yarra R.
Garf Garfield
Gatu Gatum
Gboro Greensborough Births 1855-1920. Deaths 1882-1953
G Boro Greensborough Births 1899, 1920 for Stock & Burns
G Boro Landsborough Abbr error (L Boro) Births 1898 for Ffrench
Gborough Greensborough Births 1856-1920. Deaths 1914-53
G Borough Greensborough Births 1880 for McLaughlin
Gbrook Gembrook
Gee Geelong
Geelong W Geelong West
Gela Gelantipy
Gell Gellibrand
Gell Gelliondale
Geno Genoa
Gera Gerangamete
Gera Gerang Gerung
Germ Germantown Grovedale in Geelong
Gferrie Glenferrie Births 1855 for Damyon. Deaths 1932-52
Gher Gheringhap
Ghin Ghin Ghin
G Hosp Geelong Hospital
Ghuntly Glenhuntly
Giff Giffard West
Gild Gilderoy
Gipp Gippsland
Gips Gipsy Point
Girg Girgarre
G Iris Glen Iris
Gisb Gisborne
Glad Gladstone Park
Glad Gladysdale
Glen Glenaladale
Glen Glenalbyn
Glen Glenburn
Glen Glengarry
Glen Glengarry North
Glen Glengarry West
Glen Glenhope
Glen Glenhuntly
Glen Glen Iris
Glen Glenloth East
Glen Glenlyon
Glen Glenmaggie
Glen Glenroy
Glen Glenorchy
Glen Glenthompson
Glen Glen Waverley
Glng Hosp Geelong Hospital Deaths 1887
G Long Geelong Births 1868-1901. Deaths 1882-1947
Glong Convent Geelong Convent (Our Lady of Mercy) Deaths 1892/93 for Maloney/Purcell
G Long Convent Geelong Convent (Our Lady of Mercy) Deaths 1893 for Shea
G Long Gao Geelong Gaol Deaths 1887 for Churine
G Long Gaol Geelong Gaol Deaths 1891-95
G Long H Geelong Hospital Deaths 1904 for Rees
Glonghosp Geelong Hospital Deaths 1886 for Lambert, Keogh and Horton
Glong Hosp Geelong Hospital Deaths 1881-1902
G Long Hosp Geelong Hospital Deaths 1891-94
G Long W Geelong West Deaths 1949 for Birch
Glowlrs C Growlers Creek Births 1866 for Fulton
Gmaggie Glenmaggie Births 1896-1920. Deaths 1904-1922
Gnar Gnarwarre
Gobu Gobur
Gold Golden Gully
Gold Golden Point
Gold Golden Square
Gold Goldsborough
Golden G Golden Gully Births 1868
Golden Gly Golden Gully Births 1856,1858-59
Golden Gul Golden Gully Births 1855-68
Golden Gy Golden Gully Births 1861,1866,1868
Golden S Golden Square Births 1914-20. Deaths 1920-40
Golden Sq Golden Square Births 1859,1868,1909-20. Deaths 1909-41
Gold Sq Golden Square Births 1919. Deaths 1913-40
Gold Squ Golden Square Births 1917
Gold Square Golden Square Births 1919. Deaths 1913
Gong Geelong
Gonn Gonn Crossing
Goom Goomalibee
Goom Goomong
Goon Goongerah
Goon Goon Nure
Goor Gooram
Goor Goorambat
Goor Goornong
Gorchy Glenorchy Births 1857, 1867, 1914-20. Deaths 1902-21
Gord Gordon
Gorm Gormandale
Goro Goroke Births 1884-87, 1893. Deaths 1954-84
Go Ro Goroke Births 1885, 1893
Gosc Goschen
Goug Goughs Bay
Goul Goulburn
Goul Goulburn Weir
Goul Gould
Gowa Gowangardie
Gowa Gowar East
Grah Grahamvale
Gran Grange "The Grange" Now Hamilton
Gran Granite Rock
Gran Granton Gone. Was near Narbethong and Marysvillle
Gran Grantville
Gran Granya
Gras Grassdale
Gras Grassmere
Gray Graytown
Gre Greenvale
Grea Great Western Births 1860-93. Deaths 1861, 1954-85
Great West Great Western Births 1859-88. Deaths 1888
Gred Gredgwin
Gree Greendale Births 1845-93. Deaths 1844, 1852, 1861, 1954-85
Gree Greensborough Births 1845-93. Deaths 1844, 1852, 1861, 1954-85
Gree Greens Creek Births 1845-93. Deaths 1844, 1852, 1861, 1954-85
Gree Greenvale Births 1845-93. Deaths 1844, 1852, 1861, 1954-85
Gree Greenwald Births 1845-93. Deaths 1844, 1852, 1861, 1954-85
Gr Ee Greendale Births 1860-93
Gr Ee Greensborough Births 1860-93
Gr Ee Greenvale Births 1860-93
Gr Ee Greenwald Births 1860-93
Greg Gre Gre South
Gren Grenville
Gret Greta
Gret Greta South
Gret Greta West
Grin Gringegalgona
Grit Gritjurk
Grow Growlers Creek Births 1860-1885. Near Bright
Growl Growlers Creek Births 1861. Near Bright
Growlers Growlers Creek Births 1861-1874. Near Bright
Growlers C Growlers Creek Births 1861-1874. Near Bright
Guil Guildford Births 1854-93. Deaths 1955-83
Gumanton Germantown Westgarthtown (Lalor, Thomastown)
Gunb Gunbower
Gund Gundowring
Gville Grantville
Gwood Collingwood Abbr error (Cwood) Deaths 1947. Marriages 1907, 1911
Gthompson Glenthompson
Gt Western Great Western Births 1858-1920. Deaths 1881-1921
Gt Westn Great Western Births 1858-59, 1901,1919. Deaths 1914, 1920
Gymb Gymbowen
Hadd Haddon
Half Half-way Diggings (Sandy Creek, Now Tarnagulla) Births 1860-64
Hall Hallam
Hall Hallora
Hall Halls Gap
Hall Hallston
Hami Hamilton
Haml Hamlyn Heights
Hamp Hampton
Hans Hansonville
Happ Happy Valley
Harc Harcourt
Hark Harkaway Births 1860, 1862. Deaths 1955-84
Harm Harmers Haven
Harr Harrietville
Harr Harrow
Hars Harston
Hart Hartwell
Hast Hastings
Hatt Hattah
Hawk Eaglehawk Births 1860-93.
Hawk Hawkesdale Births 1860-93. Deaths 1954-85
Hawk Hawksburn Births 1860-93. Deaths 1954-85
Hawk Hawthorn A few Abbr Errors (Hawt) Births 1860-93. Deaths 1882-1905
Ha Wk Hawkesdale Births 1876-93
Ha Wk Hawthorn (Auburn) Births 1885 for Kite.
Haws Hawstead
Hawt Hawthorn
Haze Hazeldene
Haze Hazel Park
Haze Hazelwood
Haze Hazelwood North
Hberg Heidelberg
H berg Heidelberg
Hberg A Hosp Heidelberg Austin Hospital
H Berg A Hosp Heidelberg Austin Hospital
Hberg Aus Hosp Heidelberg Austin Hospital
Hberg Austin Hosp Heidelberg Austin Hospital
Hberg H Heidelberg Hospital
Hberg Hosp Heidelberg Hospital
Hberg Imm H Heidelberg Immigrants Hospital (Austin Hospital) Deaths 1899 for Green
Hbury Malmsbury Misspelling. Should be Mbury. Occurs 3 times in deaths
Hbury Thornbury Misspelling. Should be Tbury. Occurs 6 times in deaths
Hcote Heathcote
Hcotehosp Heathcote Hospital
Hdale Hawkesdale Births 1873, 1899
Hdale Hughesdale Deaths 1933-52
Heal Healsville
He Al Healsville
Heat Heathcote
Heat Heathcote Junction
Heat Heatherton
Heat Heathmont
Hedl Hedley
Heidel Heidelberg
Heidelberg A Hosp Heidelberg Austin Hospital
Hepb Hepburn
Hepb Hepburn Springs
Hern Herne Hill
Hern Hernes Oak
Hesk Hesket
Hess Hesse
Hexh Hexham
Hexn Hexham Abbr. Error (Hexh)
Hfield Heyfield
Hiaw Hiawatha
High High Camp
High Highett
Hill Hill End
Hill Hillsborough Abandoned mining town near Yackadandah
Hill Hillside
Hind Hindhough Was once in area of Paraparap
Hinn Hinnomunjie
Hlton Hamilton
Hoch Hochkirk Now Tarrington
Hock Hochkirk Now Tarrington
Home Homebush
Hope Hopetoun
Horf Horfield
Hors Horsham
Horsh Horsham
Horsh Hosp Horsham Hospital
Hoth Hotham (North/West Melbourne)
Ho Th Hotham (North/West Melbourne)
Hotham B A Hotham Benevolent Asylum (Melbourne Benevolent Asylum)
Hotham E Hotham East (East side of North Melbourne)
Hotham N Hotham North (North Melbourne)
Hotham W Hotham West (West Melbourne)
Hoth B A Hotham Benevolent Asylum (Melbourne Benevolent Asylum)
Hoth E Hotham East (East side of North Melbourne)
Hoth H Hotham Hill (North Melbourne)
Hoth H B A Hotham Hill Ben Asylum (Melbourne Benevolent Asylum)
Hoth N Hotham North (North Melbourne)
Hoth N B A Hotham North Ben Asylum (Melbourne Benevolent Asylum)
Hoth W Hotham West (West Melbourne)
Hoth W B A Hotham West Ben Asylum (Melbourne Benevolent Asylum)
Howe Howes Creek
Howq Howqua
Hsham Horsham
Hton Hamilton
Hton Hosp Hamilton Hospital
H Ton Hosp Hamilton Hospital
Htoun Hopetoun Births 1894-97, 1914-15, 1920. Deaths 1913, 1922-52
Htown Hopetoun Abbr error (Htoun) 1952 for Williamson
Hume Humevale
Hunt Huntly
Hurd Hurdle Flat Near Beechworth
Hurdle Hurdle Flat or Creek Births 1859 for Briggs
Hurdle Ck Hurdle Creek Births 1859 & 1861 for Thomas
Hurdle Crk Hurdle Creek Births 1858 for Rice
Hurdle Fl Hurdle Flat Births 1859, 1868
Hurdle Fla Hurdle Flat Births 1859
Hurdle Flt Hurdle Flat Births 1858
Hurdle Ft Hurdle Flat Births 1858-61
Hville Healesville
Hywood Heywood
Ibarook Illabarook
Icyc Icy Creek
Igua Iguana Creek
Ihoe Ivanhoe Births 1855, 1857, 1914-20. Deaths 1914-53
Ileigh Inverleigh
Illa Illabarook
Imm H Melb Melbourne Immigrants Home (St Kilda Road. Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1881 for Martin
Inde Indented Head
Indi Indigo
Ingl Inglewood
Ingl Ingliston
Inglewood Hosp Inglewood Hospital
Inve Invergordon
Inve Inverleigh
Inve Inverloch
Inve Invermay
Iraa Iraak
Iris Irishtown Near Fryerstown
Iris Irishtown Old name at Geelong, Bendigo, Preston and near Glenburn
Iron Ironbark
Iron Ironbark Gully Ironbark area (Bendigo)
Iron Bark Ironbark Gully Ironbark area (Bendigo)
Ironbark G Ironbark Gully Ironbark area (Bendigo)
Ironbark H Ironbark Hill Ironbark, Long Gully area. Births 1858-59
Iron Bk Gy Ironbark Gully Ironbark area (Bendigo). Births 1856,1858
Iron Bk H Ironbark Hill Ironbark, Long Gully area. Births 1858,1861
Iron Bk Hl Ironbark Hill Ironbark, Long Gully area. Births 1858
Iron St Hl Ironstone Hill (West) Epsom area. Births 1858
Ironstn Hl Ironstone Hill (West) Epsom area. Births 1858,1861
Ironstone Ironstone Hill (West) Epsom area. Births 1858-68
Iron Stone Ironstone Hill (West) Epsom area. Births 1859,1861
Irre Irrewarra
Irym Irymple
Ital Italian Gully Near Scarsdale. Births 1860-64. Deaths 1964 (x2 plane crash)
Ivan Ivanhoe Births 1860-75. Deaths (birthplace) 1861-78. Death 1954-85.
Iwood Inglewood
Iwood H Inglewood Hospital
Iwood Hos Inglewood Hospital
Iwoodhosp Inglewood Hospital
I Wood Hosp Inglewood Hospital
Jack Jackass Flat Bendigo. Births 1860-64
Jack Jack River Death 1954-85
Jack Jacksons Creek Near Ararat. Births 1860-64
Jack Jacksons Gully At Blackwood. Births 1860-64,1875
Jackson Ck Jacksons Creek Near Sunbury, Bulla. Births 1852,1859
Jackson Gy Jacksons Gully At Blackwood. Births 1858-59,1866
Jacksons C Jacksons Creek Near Sunbury, Bulla. Births 1856-58
Jami Jamieson
Jane Janefield Bundoora. Births 1854-83. Deaths 1955-83
Janj Jan Juc
Jark Jarklin
Jarr Jarrahmond
Jbunna Jumbunna Births 1896-1918. Deaths 1898-1916
Jeer Jeeralang
Jeer Jeeralang Junction
Jeet Jeetho
Jep Jeparit
Jepa Jeparit
Jeri Jericho
Jeru Jeruk
Jfield Janefield Bundoora. Deaths 1939 for Stevens
Jika Jika Jika
Jimc Jim Crow Creek Flows north Daylesford to Loddon R. Births 1860-62
Jim Crow Jim Crow Creek Births 1856-61
Jim Crow C Jim Crow Creek Births 1856-66
Jim Crown Jim Crow Creek Abbr. error (Jim Crow) Births 1861 for Magougan
Jim Crow R Jim Crow Creek (River) Births 1856-61
Jind Jindivick
Joel Joel Joel
John Johnsonville
Joli Jolimont
Jone Jones Creek Waanyarra area. Births 1854-1865
Jones Ck Jones Creek Waanyarra area. Births 1856-1866
Jones Crk Jones Creek Waanyarra area. Births 1858/59
Jord Jordan River Births 1862-84. Jericho area below Matlock and Woods Pt
Jordan Jordan River Births 1862-84. Jericho area below Matlock and Woods Pt
Jumb Jumbuk
Jumb Jumbunna
Jung Jung
Juno Junortoun
Kaar Kaarimba
Kadn Kadnook
Kali Kalimna
Kali Kalimna Heights
Kali Kalimna West
Kalk Kalkallo
Kalk Kalkee
Kama Kamarooka
Kanc Kancoona
Kang Kangaroo Flat
Kang Fl Kangaroo Flat
Kang Flat Kangaroo Flat
Kani Kaniva
Kany Kanyapella
Kara Karabeal
Kara Karadoc Mildura
Kara Kara Kara (Shire until 1994) St Arnaud area
Kard Kardella
Kari Karingal
Karn Karnak
Karr Karramomus
Kata Katamatite
Kata Katandra
Kata Katandra West
Katu Katunga
Kbra Korumburra
Kburra Korumburra Births 1888-1920. Deaths 1893-1953
K Burra Korumburra Births 1896-1913. Deaths 1895, 1928
Kdrook Koondrook
Keal Kialla Abbr. error (Kial) Births 1882-84
Keal Kiata Likely abbr. error (Kiat) 1882 for Batson
Keel Keelbundora (Parish)
Keil Keilor
Kell Kellalac
Kelv Kelvin View
Kenhill Kensington Hill (Kensington) Births 1894-1914. Deaths 1891-1901
Ken Hill Kensington Hill (Kensington) Births 1892-1919. Deaths 1891-1931
Kenton Kensington
Kera Kerang
Kerg Kergunyah
Kerg Kergunyah South
Kern Kernot
Kerr Kerrie
Kerr Kerrisdale
Kerr Kerrit Bareet Parish in County of Grant, near to Ballarat
Kevi Kevington
Kew Kew
Kew L A Kew Lunatic Asylum
Keys Keysborough
Kflat Kangaroo Flat Deaths 1886-1913
K Flat Kangaroo Flat Births 1873-1920. Deaths 1897-1934
Kguboora Korweinguboora
Khill Kensington Hill (Kensington) Births 1909-13. Deaths 1905-13
K Hill Kensington Hill (Kensington) Births 1896-1918. Deaths 1892-1913
Kial Kialla
Kial Kialla East
Kial Kialla West
Kiat Kiata
Kiew Kiewa
Kilc Kilcunda
Kild Kildare Now Geelong West
Kill Killara
Kill Killarney
Kill Killawarra
Kilm Kilmany
Kilm Kilmore
Kilmore Hosp Kilmore Hospital
Kils Kilsyth
King Kinglake
King Kinglake West
King Kingston
King King Valley
Kinl Kinlochewe Now Craigieburn
Kinn Kinnabulla
Kirw Kirwans Bridge
Kmorehosp Kilmore Hospital
Kmore Hosp Kilmore Hospital
K More Hosp Kilmore Hospital
Know Knowsley
Ko Koroit
Koet Koetong
Kong Kongwak
Kono Konongwootong
Kool Kooloonong
Koon Koondrook
Koon Koonwarra
Koor Koorlong
Koor Koornalla
Koor Koorooman
Koro Koroit
Koro Korong Vale
Koro Mt Korong Births 1854,1860-1893
Korong V Korong Vale
Koru Korumburra
Korw Korweinguboora
Kotu Kotupna
Koyu Koyuga
Krow Krowera
Krup Koo Wee Rup
Kton Kensington
Kton Convent Kyneton Convent (Mercy of the Sacred Heart) Deaths 1899 for Lee
Kton Hosp Kyneton Hospital
K Ton Hosp Kyneton Hospital
Ktown Kyneton Abbr error (Kton) deaths 1883 for O'Farrell
Kulw Kulwin
Kurt Kurting
K Vale Korong Vale
Kweerup Koo Wee Rup
Kyab Kyabram
Kyn Kyneton
Kyne Kyneton
Kyneton Hosp Kyneton Hospital
Kyton Convent Kyneton Convent (Mercy of the Sacred Heart) Deaths 1898 for Hill
Kyton Hosp Kyneton Hospital
Kyva Kyvalley
Laan Laanecoorie
Labe Labertouche
Lady Ladys Pass
Lah Lah 20kms north of Warracknabeal. Deaths 1888, 1955-68
Laha Laharum
Lake Lake Boga
Lake Lake Bolac
Lake Lake Bunga
Lake Lake Charm
Lake Lake Goldsmith
Lake Lake Mundi
Lake Lake Rowan
Lake Lake Tyers
Lalb Lalbert
Lamp Lamplough
Lanc Lancefield
Land Landsborough Births 1860-93. Deaths 1954-85
La Nd Landsborough Births 1876-93
Landbgh Landsborough Births 1866 for Grant
Landsb Landsborough Births 1867 for Austerberry
Landsbgh Landsborough Births 1866, 1873-77
Landsbor Landsborough Births 1868 for Gunn and McKenna
Landsborh Landsborough Births 1874
Landsboro Landsborough Births 1866-1918. Deaths 1881-1951
Landsborou Landsborough Births 1862-80. Deaths 1884, 1887
Landsbro Landsborough Births 1868, 1874. Deaths 1922 for Palmer
Landsgh Landsborough Births 1866, 1873
Lang Langkoop
Lang Lang Lang
Lang Langi Logan
Lang Langley
Lang Langwarrin
La Ng Lang Lang
Langdons H Langdons Hill Births 1868 for Dudley
Lard Lardner
Larp Larpent
Laru Larundel (Hospital) Mont Park, Bundoora. Deaths 1954-68
Lasc Lascelles
Laudsboro Landsborough Abbr. error (Landsboro) Birth 1880 for Marland
Laun Launching Place
Laur Lauriston
Lawl Lawloit
Laya Layard Now part of Modewarre
L Boga Lake Boga
Lboro Landsborough Births 1866-1920. Deaths 1881-1952
L Boro Landsborough Births 1892-1913. Deaths 1885-95
L Borough Landsborough Births 1895 for Bibby
Leag Leaghur
Lear Learmonth
Leic Leichardt
Leig Leigh Creek
Leit Leitchville
Lemn Lemnos
Lene Leneva
Leon Leonards Hill
Leon Leongatha
Lesl Leslie Manor
Leth Lethbridge
Lext Lexton
Lfield Lancefield
Ldale Lilydale
Lgatha Leongatha
Lgully Long Gully
L Gully Long Gully
L Hully Long Gully Abbr. error (L Gully) Birth 1920 for Mclean
Lico Licola
Lill Lillimur
Lily Lilydale
Lima Lima
Lima Lima South
Lime Limestone
Lind Lindenow
Lind Lindenow South
Ling Linga
Linl Linlithgow (Parish) Lake Linlithgow area. Births 1848/60/64
Lint Linton
Lipa Liparoo
Lism Lismore
Litt Little River
Llow Llowalong
Lmonth Learmonth
Loch Loch
Loch Loch Sport
Lock Lockington
Lock Locksley
Lock Lockwood
Lodd Loddon
Loga Logan
Lond Londrigan
Long Long Gully
Long Longlea
Long Longwarry
Long Longwarry North
Long Longwood
Lorq Lorquon
Lowe Lower Plenty Births 1860-93. Deaths 1955-85
Lo We Lower Plenty Births 1860, 1885, 1893
Loyy Loy Yang
Lple Lower Plenty Deaths 1985 for Grant
L Plenty Lower Plenty Births 1858 for Butler. Deaths 1935, 1947, 1950
Lton Lauriston
Lt River Little River Births 1852-77. Death 1849 for Connor
L Tyers Lake Tyers
Luce Lucerne Grove
Luck Lucknow
Lurg Lurg
Lwarry Longwarry
Lwood Longwood
Lyon Lyonville
Lynd Lyndhurst
Maca Macarthur
Mace Macedon
Macl Macloed
Maco Macorna
Mada Madalya
Madd Maddingley
Mafe Mafeking
Maff Maffra
Magp Magpie Creek Flows through Wooragee
Maid Maiden Gully
Maid Maidstone
Mailers F Mailers Flat
Main Maindample
Main Main Ridge
Majo Majorca
Mald Maldon
Maldonhosp Maldon Hospital
Malv E Malvern East
Mall Mallacoota
Mallac Mordialloc Single entry Abbr. error (Malloc)
Malloc Mordialloc
Malm Malmsbury
Mambel Moonambel
Mana Manangatang
Mand Mandurang
Mang Mangalore
Mann Mannibadar
Mann Manns Beach
Mans Mansfield
Mard Mardan
Mare Marengo
Mari Maribyrnong
Mark Markwood
Marl Marlo
Marn Marnoo
Maro Marong
Maro Maroona
Marr Marnoo Abbr error (Marn). Births 1885 for McLennan
Marr Harrow Abbr error (Harr). Births 1863 for Anderson & Carmichael
Marr Warrnambool Abbr error (Warr). Births 1863 Were, Bruce, Duff, 1886 Rhook
Marr Warrenheip Abbr error (Warr). Births 1863 for Lucas & Gates
Marr Yarrambat Abbr error (Yarr). Births 1854 for Kipping
Maru Marungi
Mary Maryborough
Mary Marysville
Maryboro Maryborough
Maryborough Hosp Maryborough Hospital
Matl Matlock
Maud Maude
Mbel Moonambel
Mbeen Murrumbeena
Mbeena Murrumbeena
Mbne Hosp Melbourne Hospital
Mborohosp Maryborough Hospital
Mboro Hosp Maryborough Hospital
M Boro Hosp Maryborough Hospital
Mborough Maryborough
Mbro Maryborough
Mbury Malmsbury Births 1856-67, 1880/88, 1892-1920. Deaths 1881-1949
Mcca McCallum(s) Creek aka McCullum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. Births 1862-65, 71
Mccallum McCallum(s) Creek aka McCullum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. 1866 birth for Large
Mccallum C McCallum(s) Creek aka McCullum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. Births 1858-68
Mccallums McCallum(s) Creek aka McCullum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. Births 1856-66
Mccallums Crk McCallum(s) Creek aka McCullum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. 1866 birth for Price
Mccr McCrae
Mccu McCullum(s) Creek aka McCallum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. Births 1860-65
Mccullum McCullum(s) Creek aka McCallum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. Births 1859/1866
Mccullum C McCullum(s) Creek aka McCallum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. Births 1858-59
Mccullums McCullum(s) Creek aka McCallum(s) Amherst/Majorca area. Births 1856-68
Mcille Murrayville Abbr error (Mville) for Baird
Mcin McIntyre
Mciv McIvor Heathcote area (McIvor Diggings, McIvor Creek)
Mcke McKenzie Creek
Mcke Mckenzie Hill
Mcki McKinnon
Mclo McLoughlins Beach
Mcmi McMillans
Mdample Mainsdample
Mdon Maldon
Mdura Mildura
Meat Meatian
Meen Meeniyan
Meer Meerlieu
Me Lb Melbourne
Melb E East Melbourne
Melb E Ch Hosp Melbourne East Ch Hospital (Childrens)
Melbehosp Melbourne East Hospital
Melbe Hosp Melbourne East Hospital
Melb E Hosp Melbourne East Hospital
Melb E Immgb Home Melb East Immigrants Home (Likely Melbourne East Hospital) Deaths 1897 for Duff
Melb E Immgh Home Melb East Immigrants Home (Likely Melbourne East Hospital) Deaths 1897 for Clancy
Melb E Imm Home Melb East Immigrants Home (Likely Melbourne East Hospital) Deaths 1891-99
Melb E Imm Hosp Melb East Immigrants Hospital (Likely Melbourne East Hospital) Deaths 1894
Melbhosp Melbourne Hospital
Melb Hosp Melbourne Hospital
Melb Imm H Melbourne Immigrants Home (St Kilda Road, Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1881-87
Melb Imm Home Melbourne Immigrants Home (St Kilda Road, Immigrant Aid Society) Deaths 1891-1900
Melb Nth North Melbourne
Melbourne E Hosp Melbourne East Hospital
Melbourne E Imm H Melb East Immigrants Hospital (Likely Melbourne East Hospital) Deaths 1892, 1895
Melbourne Hosp Melbourne Hospital
Melb Pt Port Melbourne
Melb S H Hosp Melbourne Sth Homeopath H (South Melbourne Homeopathic Hospital)
Melb S Ho Hosp Melbourne Sth Homeopath H (South Melbourne Homeopathic Hospital)
Melb S Hom Hosp Melbourne Sth Homeopath H (South Melbourne Homeopathic Hospital)
Melb S Homeo Hosp Melbourne Sth Homeopath H (South Melbourne Homeopathic Hospital)
Melb W West Melbourne
Mel E Hosp Melbourne East Hospital (East Melbourne)
Melt Melton
Melv Melville Forest
Meni Meningorot Southern side of Mt Meningorot
Ment Mentone
Mere Meredith
Meri Meringur
Meri Merino
Mepu Mepunga
Merb Merbein
Merr Merriang
Merr Merricks
Merr Merri Creek
Merr Merrigum
Merr Merrijig
Merr Merrinee
Mert Merton
Metc Metcalfe
Metu Metung
Mewburne Mewburn Park Estate (Newburn) Maffra district. Births 1856 for Weir
Mewburn Pk Mewburn Park Estate (Newburn) Maffra district. Births 1856 for Jones
Mfield Mansfield
Mfield Hosp Mansfield Hospital
Mford Myrtleford
Mgatang Manangatang Deaths 1926-52
Mgetta Monegeetta 1861. Near Romsey (1874 map spelling, Moneegetta)
Mgrave Mulgrave Births 1857-68
Miam Mia Mia
Mick Mickleham
Midd Middleton Creek (Flows to Loddon at Glenluce) Births 1860-64, 79, 83
Midd Middle Park Deaths 1954-85
Mid Park Middle Park Deaths 1932-53
Miep Miepoll
Miga Miga Lake
Mila Milawa
Mild Mildura
Mildura Hosp Mildura Hospital
Milk Milkmaids Flat Gaol Hill area, Castlemaine. ww1 camp. Births 1860-64
Milk Milkmans Flat Btw Hurdle Flat & Silver Creek. Births 1860-64
Milkmaid F Milkmaids Flat Gaol Hill area, Castlemaine. ww1 camp. Births 1856, 1858
Milkmaids Milkmaids Flat Gaol Hill area, Castlemaine. ww1 camp. Births 1866
Milkman Fl Milkmans Flat Btw Hurdle Flat & Silver Creek. Births 1858 for Blunt
Milkman Ft Milkmans Flat Btw Hurdle Flat & Silver Creek. Births 1858
Milkmans C Milkmans Creek Was near Stanley & Nine Mile Ck. Births 1858 for Williams
Milkmans F Milkmans Flat Btw Hurdle Flat & Silver Creek. Births 1859 for Badham
Milkmns Fl Milkmans Flat Btw Hurdle Flat & Silver Creek. Births 1858
Mill Millbrook
Mill Millgrove
Mill Williamstown Abbr. error (Will)
Millbroke Millbrook Error. Births 1898 for Allan
Miln Milnes Bridge
Mine Miners Rest
Mini Minimay
Mini Mininera
Minm Minmindie
Miny Minyip
Mi Ny Minyip
Mira Miram
Mirb Mirboo
Mirb Mirboo North
Mirboo N Mirboo North
Miri Mirimbah
Mirr Mirranatwa
Mitc Mitcham
Mitc Mitchellstown
Miti Mitiamo
Mitt Mitta Mitta
Mitt Mittyack
Mlake Mortlake Births 1857-1920. Deaths 1881-1952
M Lake Mortlake Births 1861, 1892-1913. Deaths 1887-1952
Mlight Ft Moonlight Flat
M Moriac Mt Moriac
Mock Mockinya
Mode Modewarre
Mogl Moglonemby
Moli Moliagul
Moll Mollongghip
Molo Mologa
Moly Molyullah
Mond Richmond
Mone Monegeetta
Monk Monkey Gully Near Scarsdale
Mono Monomeith
Mont Mont Albert Deaths 1954-85
Mont Montmorency Deaths 1954-85
Mont Montrose Deaths 1954-85
Mont P Mont Park Deaths 1932-52
Mont Pk Mont Park Deaths 1932-53
Mool Moolap
Moom Moomba Park Part of Fawkner. Deaths 1962-1975
Moon Moonambel
Moon Moonee Ponds
Moor Moorabool
Moor Moorilim
Moor Mooroopna
Mooroopna Hosp Mooroopna Hospital
Mora Morang (Parish)
Mord Mordialloc
Mori Moriac
Morn Mornington
Mornton Mornington
Morr Morrisons
Mors Morses Creek Births 1860-1876. Near Bright
Morse Morses Creek Births 1861-1863. Near Bright
Morses Ck Morses Creek Births 1859-1869. Near Bright
Mort Mortlake Births 1854-93. Deaths 1954-85
Morw Morwell
Morwe Morwell
Moss Mossiface
Moun Mountain View
Moun Mount Beauty
Moun Mount Bute
Moun Mount Evelyn Includes McKillop (Silvan Road area)
Moun Mount Eliza
Moun Mount Martha
Moun Mount Waverley
Mout Moutajup
Moyh Moyhu
Moyr Moyreisk
Moys Moyston
M Park Middle Park Births 1918. Marriages 1912. Deaths 1932-53
Mpna Mooroopna
Mpna Hosp Mooroopna Hospital
M Pna Hosp Mooroopna Hospital
M Pond Moonee Ponds
Mponds Moonee Ponds
Mtar Mount Arapiles
Mtbe Mount Beauty
Mtbu Mount Buffalo
Mtbu Mount Buller
Mtbu Mount Bute
Mtca Mount Cameron Births 1863-64. Deaths 1975 for Nelson. Knights and Downie?
Mtca Mount Cann (Fire lookout tower location) Deaths 1966 for Henderson
Mtcl Mount Clear
Mtco Mount Cole
Mtdr Mount Dryden
Mtdu Mount Duneed
Mteg Mount Egerton
Mtel Mount Eliza
Mter Mt Erica (Hotel) (Mt Erica Hotel, East Prahran) Births 1864 for Ramage
Mtfr Mount Franklin
Mtgl Mount Glasgow Near Talbot. Births 1860, 1864
Mtgr Mount Greenock Near Talbot. Births 1862-72
Mt Gr Mount Greenock Near Talbot. Births 1862, 1865
Mt Greenk Mount Greenock Near Talbot. Births 1866 for Boud
Mt Greenoc Mount Greenock Near Talbot. Births 1861, 1866
Mthe Mount Helen
Mthe Mount Hesse NE of Winchelsea, near Eurack
Mtje Mount Jeffcott NE of Donald. Births 1864-93
Mtko Mount Korong Births 1860-1893
Mt Ko Mount Korong Births 1860-1893
Mt Lo Mount Lookout Births 1876-1878
Mtma Mount Macedon
Mtma Mount Martha
Mtme Mount Mercer
Mtno Mount Moriac
Mtoa Murtoa
Mton Mornington
Mtpr Mount Prospect Births 1860-1893, Deaths 1954-1985
Mt Prospec Mount Prospect Births 1859-1888, Deaths 1881-1887
Mtro Mount Rouse Births 1860-87. Deaths 1969-85
Mtro Mount Rowan Deaths 1969-85
Mt Ro Mount Rouse Births 1846, 1865, 1876-79, 1882-86
Mtsh Mount Shadwell Near Mortlake
Mtta Mount Taylor
Mtwa Mount Wallace
Mtwa Mount Waverley
Muck Muckleford
Mudd Muddy Creek Gone. Was just NE of Glenburn
Mudg Mudgegonga
Mulg Mulgrave Births 1854-81. Deaths 1954-85
Mu Lg Mulgrave Births 1860, 1876
Mund Mundoona
Mur Murrumbeena Deaths 1974,1982
Murc Murchison
Murc Murchison East
Murc Murchison North
Murg Murgheboluc
Murm Murmungee
Murr Murrabit
Murr Murray River
Murr Murrayville
Murr Murrindal
Murr Murrindindi
Murr Murrumbeena
Murrayvle Murrayville
Murt Murtoa
Mu Rt Murtoa
Musk Musk
Musk Muskerry East
Musk Musk Vale
Mu Sk Musk
Mu Sk Musk Vale
Musk V Musk Vale
Must Muston Creek
M Vern Malvern Births 1892-1901. Deaths 1891-1912
Mvern Convent Malvern Convent (Convent of the Sacred Heart) Deaths 1893 for Gahan
Mville Murrayville
Myal Myall
Myer Myers Flat
Myrn Myrniong
Myol Myola
Myrn Myrniong
Myrr Myrrhee
Myrt Myrtlebank
Myrt Myrtleford
Myrtled Myrtleford
Myst Mystic Park
Mywe Mywee
Naga Nagambie
Nala Nalangil
Nali Nalinga
Namb Nambrok (Once part of Snake Ridge Station) Deaths 1955-85
Nambie Nagambie Deaths 1913 for Cuthbert
Nambourin Mambourin Error. Births 1868 Carroll (Near Wyndham Vale)
Nand Nandaly
Nang Nangeela
Nang Nangiloc
Nann Nanneella
Napo Napoleons
Nar Nar Nar Goon
Narb Narbethong
Nare Nareen
Nari Nariel (Nariel Valley)
Nari Nariel Creek (Nariel Valley)
Nari Nariel Upper (Nariel Valley)
Narn Nar Nar Goon
Narr Narracan
Narr Narrawong
Narr Narre Warren
Narr Narre Warren North
Nath Nathalia
Nati Natimuk
Natt Natte Yallock
Naty Natya
Nava Navarre
Navi Navigators
Nayo Nayook
Nbie Nagambie
Nbri North Brighton
Ncar North Carlton
N Cote Northcote Births 1859-1913. Death 1881-1953
Ncote Convent Northcote Convent (Little Sisters of the Poor) Deaths 1891-1903
N Cote Convent Northcote Convent (Little Sisters of the Poor) Deaths 1891-95
N Cton North Carlton
Neds Neds Corner
Neer Neerim
Neerim E Neerim East
Neerim J Neerim Junction
Neerim S Neerim South
Neil Neilborough
Nels Nelson
Nerr Nerrena
Nerr Nerrin Nerrin
Nerr Nerrina
Nerr Nerring
Neth Netherby
Newb Newbridge
New Bend New Bendigo (Gold mining area, St Arnaud) Deaths 1888
New Bendig New Bendigo (Gold mining area, St Arnaud) Births 1856, 1859, 1868
New Bgo New Bendigo (Gold mining area, St Arnaud) Births 1868
New Bgto New Brighton (Gardner-North Brighton area) Births 1866 for Longmuir
Newburnpar Newburn Park Estate (Mewburn) Maffra district. Births 1859 for Johnson
Newburn Pk Newburn Park Estate (Mewburn) Maffra district. Births 1850 for Campbell
Newc Newcomb
Newg New Gisborne
Newh Newham
Newl Newlyn
Newl Newlyn North
Newm Newmerella
Newp Newport Births 1893. Deaths (birthplace) 1858-76. Deaths 1954-85
Newr Newry
News Newstead
Newt Newtown
New Yr Ft New Year's Flat Vaughn/Irishtown area. Birth 1861 for Trethewey
New Yr Pt New Year's Flat Error (Ft) Vaughn/Irishtown area. Birth 1861 for Ogorman
Nfit North Fitzroy
N Fitz North Fitzroy
Ngbie Nagambie Births 1891-1919. Deaths 1891-1914
N G Bie Nagambie Deaths 1891-92 for Sheehan and Park
Nhil Nhill
Nhill Hosp Nhill Hospital
N Hoth North Hotham (North Melbourne)
N Hotham North Hotham (North Melbourne)
Niag Niagaroon Gone. Was near Alexandra
Nich Nicholson
Nich Nichols Point Mildura
Niii Nintingbool Abbr. Error (Nint) for Yates (Online BDM correct)
Nill Nillumbik
Nind Ninda
Nine Nine Mile Creek
Niny Ninyeunook
Njuha Noradjuha
Nkah Numurkah
Nobl Noble Park Deaths 1954-85
Nooj Noojee
Noor Noorat
Noor Noorinbee
Noor Noorinbee North
Norl Norlane
Nort Northcote
No Rt Northcote
Nowa Nowa Nowa
Nowh Nowhere Creek
Nowi Nowingi
N Park Noble Park Deaths 1934-53
Nport Newport
Nstead Newstead
Nth Wtown North Williamstown Deaths 1938-53
Ntown Newtown Births 1859-66. Deaths 1883, 1930-52
Nugn Nug Nug
Null Nulla Vale
Null Nullawarre
Null Nullawil
Numu Numurkah
Nung Nungurner
Nunn Nunnung Gone. Was near Tambo R., between Collins Ck, Timbarra R.
Nurc Nurcoung
Nurr Nurrabiel
N Wstown North Williamstown Deaths 1939, 1953
N Wtown North Williamstown Deaths 1932-53
Nyah Nyah
Nyah Nyah West
Nyor Nyora
Oak Oakleigh
Oakl Oaklands Junction
Oakl Oakleigh
Oa Kl Oakleigh Births 1876, 1878, 1882, 1885, 1893
Old Mans G Old Mans Gully Gone. Eaglehawk area. Births 1859 for Hoffmann
Oldmansgly Old Mans Gully Gone. Eaglehawk area. Births 1856 for Exeter
Oldmans Gy Old Mans Gully Gone. Eaglehawk area. Births 1858 for White
Oleigh Oakleigh Births 1855-1920. Deaths 1881-1953
Ombe Ombersley
Om Eo Omeo
Ondi Ondit
Orbo Orbost
Ormo Ormond
Orrv Orrvale
Osbo Osborne Gone. Was between Mornington/Mt Martha (Births 1860-83)
Osbo Osbornes Flat
Outt Outtrim
Outtm Outtrim
Owes Omeo Typo. Deaths 1886 for Meyer
Oxle Oxley
Oxle Oxley Flats
Ozen Ozenkadnook
Pake Pakenham
P Alf Hosp Prahran Alfred Hospital (or Prince) Deaths 1884-86
Pani Panitya
Pant Panton Hill Births 1877, 1893. Deaths 1954-85
Pa Nt Panton Hill Births 1893 for Bain
Parcparap Paraparap Error. Births 1866 for Allan(Allen)
Park Parkville
Parkv Parkville
Pasc Pascoe Vale
Past Pastoria
Patc Patchewollock
Path Patho
Patt Patterson Lakes
Paty Patyah
Payn Paynesville
P Campbell Port Campbell
Pear Pearcedale
Pear Pearsondale
Peec Peechelba
Peec Peechelba East
Pegl Peg Leg Gully Eaglehawk area. Gold rush. Births 1860-1864
Pegleg Peg Leg Gully Eaglehawk area. Gold rush. Births 1858-1868
Peg Leg Peg Leg Gully Eaglehawk area. Gold rush. Births 1858-1868
Pell Pella Old german settlement near Rainbow
Penn Pennyroyal
Pens Penshurst Births 1860-65, 1870-76, 1882-87, 1893. Deaths 1954-85
Pe Ns Penshurst Births 1876, 1878, 1882, 1885, 1893
Pent Pentland Hills
Pent Pentridge Now Coburg
Pent Pentridge Prison/Hospital One confirmed for this. McKeag death in 1954
Perc Percydale
Perr Perry Bridge
Pete Peters Diggings Was around Carapooee area
P Fairy Port Fairy
Phea Pheasant Creek
Phil Phillip Island Births 1853-87. Deaths 1954-85
Phil Phillipstown Within Brunswick West. Births 1851-87. Deaths 1852
Philip Tn Phillipstown Within Brunswick West. Births 1851 for Meagher
Philiptwn Phillipstown Within Brunswick West. Births 1854-56
P Hill Panton Hill Births 1894-1913. Deaths 1900-52
Phillip Is Phillip Island Births 1873-74, 1880, 1888. Deaths 1884-87, 1950
Phillipsn Phillipstown Within Brunswick West. Births 1856 for King
Phillipsto Phillipstown Within Brunswick West. Deaths 1852 for Hodges
Phillipstw Phillipstown Within Brunswick West. Births 1855 for Wilson
Philliptow Phillipstown Within Brunswick West. Births 1851 for Walkerden
Phurst Penshurst Births 1856-66, 1892-1920. Deaths 1890-1952
Pian Piangil
Pico Picola
Pier Pier Milan
Pige Pigeon Ponds
Pigg Piggoreet
Piimm Fairfield Error in offline versions. Deaths 1983 for Clune
Pine Pine Grove
Pine Pine Lodge
Pipe Pipers Creek
Pira Pira
Piri Piries
Pitf Pitfield
Pitf Pitfield Plains
Pland Portland
Pl Ck Pleasant Creek Births 1873 and 1880
Plea Pleasant Creek Births 1860-1883, Deaths 1954-1985
Pl Ea Pleasant Creek Births 1860-1878
Pleas Pleasant Creek Births 1861 and 1870
Pleasant C Pleasant Creek Births 1857-1880, Deaths 1881
Pleast Cr Pleasant Creek Births 1858/59
Plen Plenty
Plenty Bdg Plenty Bridge Lower Plenty area. Births 1856, 1858
Pmelbhosp Port Melbourne Hospital
Pn Preston
Poin Point Lonsdale
Pomo Pomonal
Pool Poolaijelo
Poot Pootilla
Poow Poowong
Poow Poowong East
Porc Porcupine Ridge
Pore Porepunkah
Port Port Fairy
Port Portland
Port Port Melbourne
Port Melb Port Melbourne
Pott Pottery Flat (Huntly/Epsom area) Births 1862-64
Poun Pound Creek
Powe Powelltown
Powe Powers Creek
Pr Prahran
Prah Prahran
Prahn Prahran
Prahran Alf Hosp Prahran Alfred Hospital Deaths 1892
Pralfhosp Prahran Alfred Hospital Deaths 1886
Pr An Prahran
P Ran Prahran
Pres Preston Deaths (birthplace) 1857-78
Prest Preston
Prhn Prahran
Prin Alf H Prince Alfred Hospital Deaths 1883-87
Princes Bge Princes Bridge (Melbourne) Deaths 1950 for Purvis
Prnalfhosp Prahran Alfred Hospital Deaths 1886
Prn Hosp Prahran Hospital (Alfred) Deaths 1881-86, 1892-1902
Prn Alf H Prahran Alfred Hospital Deaths 1884-86, 1896, 1903
Prn Alf Hosp Prahran Alfred Hospital Births 1900 for Diamond. Deaths 1891-1900
Pt Cbell Port Campbell
Pt Fairy Port Fairy
Pt Fairy Hos Port Fairy Hospital
Pt Fairy Hosp Port Fairy Hospital
Ptmelb Port Melbourne
Pton Preston
Puck Puckapunyal (aka Pucka)
Py Hill Pyramid Hill
Ptland Bay Portland Bay
Ptne Point Nepean
Pville Parkville
Pyal Pyalong
Pyra Pyramid Hill
Qcliff Queenscliff
Qcliffe Queenscliff
Qstown Queenstown Births 1866, 1904. Deaths 1901, 1905, 1916
Qtook Quambatook
Qtown Queenstown Now St Andrews
Quam Quambatook
Quar Quarry Hill
Quee Queenscliff
Quee Queenstown
Ragl Raglan Births 1860-93. Deaths 1970/73/75/80
Ra Gl Raglan Births 1876-93
Rain Rainbow
Ra Ma Kamarooka Abbr. Error. (Ka Ma) Births 1876,1878
Ranc Ranceby
Rath Rathscar
Rave Ravenswood
Raws Rawson
Rawy Raywood Abbr error (Rayw). Births 1864, 1865, 1875, 1887
Rayw Raywood Births 1863-98. Deaths 1955-83
Ra Yw Raywood Births 1876, 1878, 1882, 1885, 1893
Rbow Rainbow
Reda Redan
Redb Redbank
Redb Red Bluff
Redc Redcastle
Redc Red Cliffs
Re Dc Redcastle Births 1876
Rede Redesdale
Re De Redesdale
Redh Redhill
Redh Red Hill
Reed Reedy Creek South of Tyaak, near Broadford
Reedy Ck Reedy Creek
Reef Reefton
Reid Reids Creek Near Beechworth
Rese Reservoir
Rheo Rheola
Rhow Rainbow Abbr. error (Rbow) for McLean
Rchester Rochester
Ri Ch Richmond
Richd Richmond
Ridd Riddells Creek (aka Riddell)
Riddel C Riddells Creek
Riddells C Riddells Creek
Riddells Ck Riddells Creek
Ring Ringwood
Rive River Plenty (Plenty River)
Rive Riverslea
Rl Park Royal Park Deaths 1933, 1949
R Mond Richmond
Robi Robinvale
Roch Rochester
Roch Rochford
Ro Ch Rochford
Rock Rockbank
Rock Rocklyn
Rocky L Rocky Lead Now Rocklyn
Roke Rokeby
Roke Rokewood
Roke Rokewood Juction
Roms Romsey
Rosa Rosanna Deaths 1954-85
Rose Rosebud
Rose Rosedale
Rose Rosewhite
Ross Rossbridge Deaths 1954-85
Ross Ross Creek Births 1860-87, 1893. Deaths 1954-85
Ross C Ross Creek Births 1866-73
Ross Ck Ross Creek Births 1858-1914. Deaths 1881-1915
Ross Crk Ross Creek Births 1858-73, 1899. Deaths 1882, 1886.
Rost Rostron Births 1862, 1864. Deaths 1970
Rous Mt Rouse Near Penshurst
Rows Rowsley
Roya Royal Park Births 1863 for Meaker. Deaths 1858, 1959-85
Royal Pk Royal Park Deaths 1932-53
Rpark Royal Park Deaths 1935-52
R Park Royal Park Deaths 1932-53
Rubi Rubicon
Ruff Ruffy
Runn Runnymede Near Elmore. Births 1860-93. Deaths 1955-67
Runn Runnymede Old property. Gone. Btw Merino/Casterton. Births 1860-?
Rupa Rupanyup
Rush Rushworth
Russ Russells Creek Births 1860-1886
Russell C Russells Creek Births 1868 for Adams
Russell Ck Russells Creek Births 1873 for Adams and Nugent
Russells C Russells Creek Births 1866-1874
Ruth Rutherglen
Ruth Ruthvenfield Now Roxburgh Park
Rvr Plenty River Plenty (Plenty River) Births 1842, 52. Deaths 1842-52
Rwood Ringwood
Rworth Rushworth
Ryan Ryanston
Ryl Park Royal Park Deaths 1933-45
Ryth Rythdale
Ryup Rupanyup
Safe Safety Beach
Sago Sago Hill SW of Ballarat. Births 1860-87
Sa Go Sago Hill SW of Ballarat. Births 1876-85
Sago H Sago Hill SW of Ballarat. Births 1873
Sago Hl Sago Hill SW of Ballarat. Births 1869/1873
Sail Sailors Creek Daylesford area
Sail Sailors Falls
Sali Salisbury
Sale Sale
Salehosp Sale Hospital
Sale Hosp Sale Hospital
Sali Salisbury West
Salt Saltwater River Maribyrnong River. Births 1844-65. Deaths 1841-53
Sand-Ham Sandringham Births 1914-20
Sandon Sandon South of Newstead. Births 1858-68. Deaths 1888
Sanham Sandringham Births 1914-20. Deaths 1914-47
Sanr San Remo
S Arnaud St Arnaud
Sars Sarsfield
Sbla South Blackburn
Sbury Sunbury
Scar Scarsdale
Scau South Caulfield
Scla South Clayton
Scor Scoresby
Scot Scotsburn
Scotchman Scotchmans Lead Births 1858-66
Scotchmans Scotchmans Lead Births 1859-66. Deaths 1888
Scra South Cranbourne
Sdale Scarsdale
Sdale Smythesdale
Sdownie Strathdownie
S Dunnpark ??? Deaths 1889 for Bozon
Sea At Sea
Sea At Sea Ellen Stewart (ship). Deaths 1867 for James A. Caughey
Sea At Sea Hornet (ship). Births 1854 for Isabella McLean
Sea At Sea Royal Charlie (ship). Births 1859 for Otway Castle
Sea Sea Lake
Seac Seacombe
Seaf Seaford
Seah Seaholme Deaths 1954-85
Seal Sea Lake
Seas Seaspray
Seat Seaton
Seav Seaview
Seba Sebastian
Seba Sebastopol
Sedg Sedgwick
Serp Serpentine
Serv Serviceton
Sevi Seville
Seym Seymour
Sfield Strathfieldsaye
S Fitz Fitzroy South
Sfsaye Strathfieldsaye
Shad Mt Shadwell Near Mortlake
Shad Shady Creek
Sham Sandringham Births 1894-1920. Deaths 1901-53
Shea Sheans Creek
Shee Sheep Hills
Sheep H Sheep Hills
Shel Shelbourne
Shel Shelford
Sheo She Oaks
Shepp Shepparton
Shepton Shepparton
S Hill Swan Hill
S Hills Surrey Hills
Shir Shirley Sth of Buangor. Births 1870-87. Deaths 1979
Sh Ir Shirley Near end of Summer Rd. Births 1885
Shor Shoreham
Shton Shepparton
Shtton Shepparton Abbr. error (Shton)
Shursthosp Sandhurst Hospital (Bendigo)
Sido Sidonia
Simp Simpson
Simp Simpsons Creek
Skel Skeleton Creek Flows from Truganina area. Births 1862-63
Skeleton C Skeleton Creek Flows from Truganina area. Births 1858-59
Skip Skipton
S Lake Sea Lake
Slat Slattery Creek Creek in Bald Hills area
Slat Slaty Creek
Smea Smeaton
Smel South Melbourne
Smelb Hosp South Melbourne Hospital
Smerton Somerton
Smok Smokeytown
Smok Smoko
Smour Seymour
Smydale Smythesdale
Smyt Smythes Creek
Smyt Smythesdale
Snak Snake Valley
Snake Rid Snake Ridge Station (The Ridge) Btw Rosedale & Thompson R. Births 1850
Snake Ridg Snake Ridge Station (The Ridge) Btw Rosedale & Thompson R. Births 1849-50
Snake Riv Snake Ridge Station (The Ridge) Btw Rosedale & Thompson R. Births 1850
Soak South Oakleigh
Some Somers
Some Somerville
Sorr Sorrento
Sout South Yarra
South Melb South Melbourne
Spar Spargo Creek
Spee Speed
Spee Speewa
Spol Sebastopol
Sprdallah Springdallah Births 1866-1877
Spri Spring Creek (Hepburn)
Spri Spring Creek (Torquay)
Spri Springdallah
Spri Springfield
Spri Spring Gully
Spri Spring Hill
Spri Springhurst
Spring Springs "the Springs" Gone. Keilor East area
Springdal Springdallah Births 1868-1874
Springdall Springdallah Births 1866-1880
S Ri Sandridge Births 1860
Sridge Sandridge Now Port Melbourne
Ssaye Strathfieldsaye
Sshine Sunshine
S St K East St Kilda Abbr error (E St K). Deaths 1952 for Lamb-Smith
Staf Staffordshire Reef Births 1860-93. Deaths 1979 for McKenzie
St Af Staffordshire Reef Births 1876, 1878, 1882, 1885, 1893
Stafalgar Trafalgar Deaths 1904 for Elliot(t)
Stafdreef Staffordshire Reef Births 1868 for Dowd
Stafdshir Staffordshire Reef Births 1873. Deaths 1884 for Hogg
Stafffordshire Re Staffordshire Reef Abbr Error. (ff) Deaths 1893 for Chin
Stafford Staffordshire Reef Births 1868, 1873, 1892, 1900, 1902
Staffordhurley Staffordshire Reef Deaths 1906 for Robertson
Staffordin Staffordshire Reef Births 1866 for Stable(s)
Stafford R Staffordshire Reef Births 1867-68, 1874
Staffordre Staffordshire Reef Births 1877 for Schreck twins
Staffords Staffordshire Reef Births 1868, 1873-74
Stafford S Staffordshire Reef Births 1866-77
Staffordsh Staffordshire Reef Births 1866-1900. Deaths 1881-87
Staffordshire Ree Staffordshire Reef Births 1892-1913. Deaths 1892-95
Staffordshire Rf Staffordshire Reef Births 1889-1913. Deaths 1889-1912
Staffordshire Ry Staffordshire Reef Abbr error (Rf) Births 1908. Deaths 1904, 1907
Staff Reef Staffordshire Reef Births 1866-80, 1905-16. Deaths 1881-1916
Staff-Reef Staffordshire Reef Births 1880 for McMenemin
Staffs Staffordshire Reef Births 1870
Staffshir Staffordshire Reef Births 1867, 1873. Deaths 1882, 1887
Staffshr Staffordshire Reef Births 1867 for Daly
Staffsh Rf Staffordshire Reef Births 1867, 1869. Deaths 1884 for Nankerville
Staffs Rf Staffordshire Reef Births 1867, 1869. Deaths 1885 for Maher
Staf Reef Staffordshire Reef Births 1908, 1910. Deaths 1888, 1905, 1911
Stafshire Staffordshire Reef Births 1873-74. Deaths 1884 for Laidlaw
Stafs R-F Staffordshire Reef Deaths 1883 for Trantor
Stag Staghorn Flat
Stan St Andrews
Stan Stanhope
Stan Stanley
Star St Arnaud
St A H St Arnaud Hospital
St Ar St Arnaud
St Arnaud Hosp St Arnaud Hospital
St Arnaud Imm Hom St Arnaud Immigrants Home Deaths 1893 for Palmer
Staw Stawell
St Aw Stawell
Stawell Hosp Stawell Hospital
Stcl St Clair
Stee Steels Creek
Stei Steiglitz
Stfdsaye Strathfieldsaye Births 1873 for McClean and McCarthy
Stfieldsaye Strathfieldsaye Deaths 1909 for Holmes
Stford Stratford Births 1858-1913. Deaths 1901, 1913, 1951-52
Stf Reef Staffordshire Reef Births 1910 for Kierce
Sthe ??? Births 1875
Sthe St Helens Near Horsham. Deaths 1968, 1979 for Weckert & Gillard
Sthe St Helens Plains Near Horsham. Deaths 1965 for Watson
Sthe St Heliers The Gurdies area. Deaths 1846, 1955 for Curr & Gosch
St James Saint James Births 1888-1920. Deaths 1883-1933
StK St Kilda
Stki St Kilda
Stle St Leonards
Stoc Stockyard Hill Births 1864-93. Deaths 1965-83
St Oc Stockyard Hill Births 1876, 1878, 1893
Stockyard Stockyard Hill Births 1866-94. Deaths 1882-85, 1909
Stockyard Ck Stockyard Hill Abbr error. Births 1892 for Millar (Miller)
Stockyard Ck Stockyard Hill Abbr error. Deaths 1898 for Fraser (at Lake Goldsmith)
Stockyar H Stockyard Hill Births 1873 for McMillan
Stockyd H Stockyard Hill Births 1873. Deaths 1883 for Hogan
Ston Shepparton
Ston Stonehaven
Ston Stoneyford
Ston Stony Creek
Ston Stony Point
Stra Strangways
Stra Stratford
Stra Strathallan
Stra Strathbogie Also denotes Strathbogie Shire
Stra Strath Creek
Stra Strathewen
Stra Strathfieldsaye
Stra Strathkellar
Stra Strathlea
Stra Strathmerton
Stra Strathmore
St Ra Strangways
St Ra Stratford
St Ra Strathfieldsaye
Strafdsay Strathfieldsaye Births 1877
Strathf Strathfieldsaye Births 1873 for Ross
Strathfiel Strathfieldsaye Births 1859-88. Deaths 1881-87
Strathfield Strathfieldsaye Births 1899, 1916. Anton and Pilcher
Stre Streatham
Strford Stratford Births 1868, 1874, 1894
Stri Stringers Creek Flows through Walhalla. Births 1863-75
Stri Stringybark Creek Births 1842, 1845, 1852
St River Little River Abbr error (Lt). Births 1858, 1859
Strz Strzelecki
Stua Stuart Mill
Stud Studley Park
Stxl St Kilda Abbr. error (Stki) for Brewer (online BDM)
Suga Sugarloaf Creek
Sulk Sulky Gully (Sulky)
Sunb Sunbury
Surr Surrey Hills
Surrey H Surrey Hills
Suth Sutherlands Creek
Sutt Sutton Grange
Swan Swan Hill
Swan Swanpool
Swan Swan Reach
Swan Swanwater
Swan H Swan Hill
Swan Hill Hosp Swan Hill Hospital
Swan R Swan Reach
Sways Strangways Births 1873 for House
Swif Swifts Creek
Swit Switzerland Gone. Was north of Yea above Killingsworth
Sy South Yarra
S Y South Yarra
Sydn Sydenham
Sy Hills Surrey Hills
Tabi Tabilk
Taco Tacoma
Tagg Taggerty
Talb Talbot
Talbothosp Talbot Hospital
Talbot Hosp Talbot Hospital
Talbot And C Hosp Talbot and C Hospital Community? Caralulup?
Tall Tallandoon
Tall Tallangatta
Tall Tallangatta East
Tall Tallangatta Valley
Tall Tallarook
Tall Tallygaroopna
Tamb Tambo Crossing
Tamb Tambo Upper
Tami Taminick
Taml Tamleugh
Tand Tandarra
Tang Tangambalanga Deaths 1954-85
Tang Tangil aka Tanjil (town, not county) Births 1863-1893
Tanj Tanjil
Tanj Tanjil Bren
Tanj Tanjil South
Tant Tantaraboo
Tanw Tanwood Deaths 1958-80
Tar Tarnagulla
Tara Taradale
Tarc Tarcombe
Tari Tarilta
Tarn Tarnagulla (Originally Sandy Creek) Births 1860-93. Deaths 1954-85
Tarn Tarneit
Tarr Tarranyurk Deaths 1954-85
Tarr Tarraville Births 1844-93. Deaths 1954-85
Tarr Tarrawingee Births 1844-93. Deaths 1954-85
Tarr Tarrayoukyan Births 1844-93. Deaths 1954-85
Tarra Ck Tarra Creek (Tarra River) Births 1859/61 for Reeves, Shorten and Wood
Tarra Crk Tarra Creek (Tarra River) Births 1858 for Moore and Simmons
Tarrangowe Tarrengower Abbr error. Births 1855-56/59
Tarranjinn Tarranginnie (West of Nhill) Abbr error. Births 1888 for Maynard
Tarra Serv Tarra Tarra (Parish - Tarraville area) Births 1861 for Costolo (Costello)
Tarra T Tarra Tarra (Parish - Tarraville area) Births 1859 for Boveird
Tarra Ta Tarra Tarra (Parish - Tarraville area) Births 1866 for Wilson
Tarra Tarr Tarra Tarra (Parish - Tarraville area) Births 1859-66
Tarrawinge Tarrawingee Births 1859-94. Deaths 1881-87
Tarrayonhy Tarrayoukyan Abbr. error. Births 1880 for McFarlane
Tarrayouky Tarrayoukyan Abbr. error. Births 1880/88
Tarrengowe Tarrengower Births 1855-56/59
Tarrgee Tarrawingee Births 1858-66. Deaths 1918 for Devery
Tarv Tarraville Births 1861 for Sherwood and Shorten
Tarw Tarwin
Tato Tatong
Taty Tatyoon
Tawo Tawonga
Tayl Taylors Lakes
Teal Teal Point
Tedd Teddywaddy
Tees Teesdale
Telf Telford
Telo Telopea Downs
Temp Templestowe
Temp Tempy
Tenb Tenby Point
Teri Terip Terip
Terr Terrippee
Terr Terrick Terrick (Terrick)
Terr Terrick Terrick East
Teto Tetoora Road
Tgabbie Toongabbie
Tgar Trafalgar
Tgon Traralgon
Tgatta Tallangatta
Tgulla Tarnagulla
Thal Thalia
Theg The Gap Gone. Was just south of Glenburn
Theg The Grange Now Hamilton
Theg The Gurdies ???
Thol Thologolong
Thom Thomastown
Thoo Thoona
Thor Thornbury
Thor Thorpdale
Thre Three Bridges Deaths 1968, 1975, 1982
Thre Three Mile Creek Beechworth area. Births 1860, 1864, 1881
Thtown Thomastown Deaths 1948, 1951
Timb Timboon
Timm Timmering
Timo Timor
Tina Tinamba
Tint Tintaldra
Tmah Tungamah
Tobgio W Tongio West Abbr. error (Tongio W)
To Cent Hosp To St Vincents Hospital ?? Deaths 1946 for Stach
Tolm Tolmie
Tolt Tol Tol
Tong Tongala
Tong Tonghi Creek
Tong Tongio
Tong Tongio West
Tongio W Tongio West
Toni Tonimbuk
Toob Tooborac
Tool Toolamba
Tool Toolangi
Tool Toolleen
Tool Toolern Vale
Toom Toombon
Toon Toongabbie
Toor Toora
Toor Toorak
Toot Tootgarook
Torg Torquay Abbr. error occuring 14 times (Torq)
Torq Torquay
Torr Torrita
Torr Torrumbarry
Tost Tostaree
Tour Tourello
Towa Towong Single entry Abbr. Error (Towo) for Findlay
Towe Tower Hill
Towo Towong
Towo Towong Upper
Traf Trafalgar
Traf Trafalgar East
Traf Trafalgar South
Trag Tragowel
Trar Traralgon
Traw Trawalla
Traw Trawalla Creek
Traw Trawool
Tren Trentham
Tren Trentham East
Trentham E Trentham East
Tres Tresco
Trid Trida
Trook Tallarook
Tstowe Templestowe
Tubb Tubbut
Tung Tungamah
Turr Turriff
Tuty Tutye
Tville Tarraville
Twinga Tarrawingee (Twingee) Abbr error. Births 1873 for Boss
Twinge Tarrawingee (Twingee) Abbr error. Births 1867 for Nuttall
Twingee Tarrawingee Births 1866-94. Deaths 1883, 1908-23
Twingel Tarrawingee (Twingee) Abbr error. Births 1867 for Boss
Twingie Tarrawingee (Twingee) Abbr error. Deaths 1922/23 for Keogh and Kay
Tyab Tyabb
Tyer Tyers
Tyld Tylden
Tyno Tynong
Tyno Tynong North
Tynt Tyntynder Central
Tyrr Tyrrell Downs
Ulli Ullina
Ulti Ultima
Ulup Ulupna
Unde Undera
Unde Underbool
Union Jack Union Jack Creek Births 1858 for Bray and Ritchie
Unk Unknown (solved) At Sea. Loch Etive (ship). Deaths 1886 for William Lade
Unk Unknown (Unknown deathplace) Death 1853-88, 1953
Up Dargo Upper Dargo Births 1868
Uppe Upper Beaconsfield
Uppe Upper Gundowring
Uppe Upper Lurg
Up Plenty Upper Plenty
Vale Valencia Creek
Vaug Vaughan
Venu Venus Bay
Verv Vervale
View Viewbank Deaths 1972-85
View View Street? Deaths 1962 for Stewart (Died Bendigo)
Vini Vinifera
Viol Violet Town
Vi Ol Violet Town
Violet Tn Violet Town
Vio Town Violet Town Births 1917-18. Deaths 1913, 1918-19
Vite Vite Vite
Vite Vite Vite North
Vi Tn Violet Town
Vi Town Violet Town
Vlet Town Violet Town Deaths 1882-87, 1945
V Town Violet Town Births 1851, 1866, 1873, 1900-19. Deaths 1885, 1901-52
Waai Waaia
Waan Waanyarra
Wagg Waggarandall
Wahg Wahgunyah
Wair Wairewa
Wait Waitchie
Wal Walpeup
Wal Walwa
Walh Walhalla
Walk Walkerville
Wall Wallaloo
Wall Wallaloo East
Wall Wallan The old name, "Wallan Wallan"
Wall Wallinduc
Wall Wallup
Walm Walmer
Walp Walpa
Walp Walpeup
Walw Walwa
Walw Wal Wal
Wana Wanalta
Wand Wandin
Wand Wandin East
Wand Wandin North
Wand Wondong
Wang Wangandary
Wang Wangaratta
Wanghosp Wangaratta Hospital
Wann Wannon
Want Wantirna
Wara Waranga
Warb Warburton
Ward Wardy Yallock Now Linton
Ware Wareek
Warg Wargan
Warn Warneet
Warr Warracknabeal Deaths 1954-85
Warr Warragul Deaths 1954-85
Warr Warrandyte Deaths 1954-85
Warr Warranwood Deaths 1954-85
Warr Warrenbayne Deaths 1954-85
Warr Warrenheip Deaths 1954-85
Warr Warrion Deaths 1954-85
Warr Warrnambool Births 1845-93. Deaths 1954-85
Warrn Warrnambool
Warrnambool Hosp Warrnambool Hospital
Wart Wartook
Watc Watchem
Watc Watchupga
Wate Waterloo
Watm Yatmerone Error. (Parish) Penshurst area. Births 1860 for Sharroch(k)
Watt Wattle Flat
Watt Wattle Glen
W Att Hosp Wangaratta Hospital Deaths 1891 for Scott
Watta Wangaratta
Watta H Wangaratta Hospital Deaths 1885, 1897-1910
Watta Hosp Wangaratta Hospital Deaths 1891-1902
W Atta Hosp Wangaratta Hospital Deaths 1891-95
Waub Waubra
Wayg Waygara
Wbeal Warracknabeal
Wbeal Hosp Warracknabeal Hospital
Wbee Werribee
Wbell Warracknabeal Abbr. error (Wbeal) Deaths 1949 for Darley
Wbirchip Wirrimbirchip Now Birchip
Wbool Hosp Warrnambool Hospital
Wbrina Willenabrina Births 1894, 1898, 1900. Deaths 1901
Wburn Wedderburn(e)
W Bwick West Brunswick
W Cr West Creek (aka W Creek) East Camberwell. Flowed northward to Yarra
W Creek West Creek (aka W Creek) East Camberwell. Flowed northward to Yarra
Wedd Wedderburn
Wedd Wedderburn Junction
Weer Weering
Weew Wee Wee Rup
Wehl Wehla Births 1870-87. Deaths 1970 for Birthisel
We Hl Wehla Births 1876-78
Well Camberwell Deaths 1956/67 for Osullivan and Buckle
Well Wellsford Street (Yackandandah) Deaths 1968 for Wallace
Weme Wemen
Wend Wendouree
Werr Werribee
Werr Werribee South
Werr Werrimull
Wesb Wesburn
West Western Port
West Melb West Melbourne
Wdyte Warrandyte
Wfoo West Footscray
Wgal Warragul Abbr. error (Wgul)
Wgong Wandiligong
Wgoom Wangoom 1858-66
Wgul Warragul
Wgull Warragul
Wgunyah Wahgunyah
Whalla Walhalla
Whar Wharparilla
Whei West Heidelberg
Wheip Warrenheip
Whills White Hills
W Hills White Hills
Whim Whim Holes Gold rush era. Gone. Was near Enfield
Whim Hole Whim Holes Gold rush era. Gone. Was near Enfield
Whip Whipstick
Whit White Hills
Wh It White Hills Births 1860-1885
Whit Whitfield
Whit Whitlands
Whit Whittlesea
White H White Hills
Whitsea Whittlesea
Whor Whorouly
Whor Whorouly South
W Hosp Womens Hospital (Carlton) Deaths 1886 for McWhinney
W Hoth West Hotham (West Melbourne)
W Hotham West Hotham (West Melbourne)
W Hoth B A West Hotham Ben Asylum (Melbourne Benevolent Asylum)
Whroo Whroo (Not an Abbr.) South of Rushworth
Wick Wickcliffe
Wilb Wilby
Wil Williamstown 1974 only
Wil Willow Grove 1974 only
Wild Wild Dog Valley
Wildduck C Wildduck Creek
Wilk Wilkur
Will Willaura
Will Willenabrina
Will Williamstown
Will Willow Grove
Will Willowmavin
Will Willung
Will Willung South
Williamsto Williamstown Births 1855-58, 1866-77, 1888. Deaths 1841-53, 1881-87
Willmstown Williamstown Births 1857-58. Deaths 1852
Willow Gr Willlow Grove
Willstown Williamstown Births 1874, 1877. Deaths 1882, 1887, 1892
Willtown Williamstown Births 1868, 1877, 1919. Deaths 1940-41, 1953
Wil-M Town Williamstown Deaths 1883 for Tomlin
Wils Wilsons Hill
Wimm Wimmera Shire/District. Births 1848-76. Deaths 1954-55, 1982
Wimm Wimmera River Wimmera District. Births 1848-?
Wi Mm Wimmera Shire/District. Births 1876
Winc Winchelsea
Wind Windsor
Wing Wangaratta Single entry Abbr. error (Wang) for Odonnell
Wing Wingeel
Winl Winlaton
Winn Winnindoo
Winsea Winchelsea
Winstown Williamstown Births 1857, 1916. Deaths 1950 for Fielding
Wint Winton
Wint Winton North
Wirr Wirrimbirchip Now Birchip
Wlang Woomalang
Wliffe Rd Wickliffe Road (Wickliffe-Willaura Road) Births 1914. Deaths 1913-14
Wloo Waterloo
Wmelang Woomalang
W Melb West Melbourne
Wmnstown Williamstown Deaths 1884 for Brodie
Wmsmtown Williamstown Deaths 1887 for Burns
Wms Tn Williamstown Births 1881, 1904-10. Deaths 1904-10
Wm Stown Williamstown Births 1880 Ainscough. Deaths 1886/93 Lucas/Thomas
Wms Town Williamstown Births 1851, 1869, 1880, 1888. Deaths 1881-1912
Wstown Williamstown Births 1840-96, 1915-18. Deaths 1881, 1890, 1903-53
Wtown Williamstown Births 1839-1920. Deaths 1852-53, 1881-1953
W Town Williamstown Births 1868-88. Deaths 1882-87, 1903-11, 1939-50
Wttown Williamstown Abbr error (Wtown) Deaths 1881 for Dooley
Wm Tn Williamstown
Wmtown Williamstown Births 1856-69, 1880, 1888. Deaths 1881-1947
Wm Town Williamstown Births 1867, 1880, 1915. Deaths 1881-87, 1912, 1933
Wmull Werrimull Deaths 1929-43
Wodo Wodonga
Womb Wombat Creek
Womb Wombelano
Wong Wonga Park
Wonn Wonnangatta County
Wont Wonthaggi
Wonw Wonwondah
Wonw Wonwondah North
Wonw Won Wron
Wony Wonyip
Wood Woodend
Wood Woodfield
Wood Woodford
Wood Woodglen
Wood Woodleigh
Wood Woodside
Wood Woods Point
Wood Woodstock
Wood Woodvale
Woodspoint Hosp Woods Point Hospital
Woods Pt Woods Point
Wool Woolamai
Wool Woolsthorpe
Wool Wool Wool
Woolshed Woolshed Eldorado/Beechworth area (not an Abbreviation)
Woolshed C Woolshed Creek
Woom Woomelang
Woor Wooragee
Woor Wooragee East
Woor Woorak
Woor Woorak West
Woor Woorarra West
Woor Wooreen
Woor Woori Yallock
Woor Woorinen
Woor Woorinen North
Woor Woorinen South
Woor Woorndoo
Woor Wooroonook (Wooroonooke)
Woos Woosang
Wonga Wodonga
Wont Wonthaggi
Worr Warrenheip Abbr. error. (Warr) for Vincent
Worr Woori Yallock Abbr. error (Woor) for Tainton, Hanke, Lowe
Wpoint Woods Point
Wpool Welshpool
Wproof Wycheproof
Wric West Richmond
Wsea Winchelsea
Wsea Whittlesea
Wstick Whipstick Births 1858-59, 1866
Wstown Williamstown Births 1840-96, 1915-18. Deaths 1881, 1890, 1903-53
Wthaggi Wanthaggi
Wton Warburton
Wtown Williamstown Births 1839-1920. Deaths 1852-53, 1881-1953
Wuk Wuk Wuk
Wulg Wulgulmerang
Wung Wunghnu
Wurr Wurruk
Wyah Wahgunyah
Wych Wycheproof
Wych Wychitella
Wynd Wyndam Wyndam Vale
Wyun Wyuna
Wyun Wyuna East
Wyyu Wy Yung
Yabb Yabba North
Yack Yackandandah
Yalc Yalca
Yall Yallourn
Yall Yallourn North
Yamb Yambuk
Yana Yanac Yanac-a-yanac
Yana Yanakie
Yand Yandoit Births 1860-93. Deaths 1954-82
Ya Nd Yandoit Births 1876, 1878, 1882, 1885, 1893
Yang Yangery
Yank Yankee Creek Near Bagshot. Births 1854, 1860, 1864, 1875
Yann Yannathan
Yany Yan Yean
Yape Yapeen
Yarc Yarck
Yarp Yarpturk
Ya Rp Yarpturk
Yarr Yarraberb
Yarr Yarra Glen
Yarr Yarragon
Yarr Yarra Junction
Yarr Yarram
Yarr Yarraville
Yarr Yarrawalla
Yarr Yarrawonga
Yarr Yarroweyah
Yarra F Yarra Flats Previously Burgoyne, now Yarra Glen
Yarraga Yarrawonga
Yarra J Yarra Junction
Yarram Y Yarram Yarram (Yarram) Births 1858-1913. Deaths 1890, 1913-31
Yarram Yar Yarram Yarram (Yarram) Births 1856-88. Deaths 1881-87, 1913
Yarram Ym Yarram Yarram (Yarram) Deaths 1885 for O'neil
Yarra Tarr Tarra Tarra (Parish) Abbr. error (Tarra Tarr) Births 1866 for Bovaird
Yatm Yatmerone (Parish) Penshurst area. Births 1860 for Baker
Yawo Yawong Hill Near Coonooer Bridge between St Arnaud, Charlton
Yawong Yawong Hill Near Coonooer Bridge between St Arnaud, Charlton
Yawonga Yarrawonga
Ydah Yackandandah
Yelt Yelta
Yend Yendon
Yeri Yering
Yeun Yeungroon
Yglen Yarra Glen
Y Glen Yarra Glen
Yiel Yielima
Yinn Yinnar
Yinn Yinnar South
Y Junc Yarra Junction
Y Junct Yarra Junction
Yonga Yarrawonga
Youa Youanmite
Youa Youarang
Yowe Yowen Hill Near Coonooer Bridge between St Arnaud, Charlton
Yund Yundool
Yuro Yuroke
Ywnga Yarrawonga
Ywonga Yarrawonga

2016-2017, Steve Parker.