16bit Software on 64bit Windows

A work around to get your Digger/KAware discs and Vital Records working again

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These instructions are basic. If you have problems, you may need to find someone who can help.

What you will need

Oracle VM VirtualBox - Download (Free) Will run on Windows 7 to 10

An old edition of Windows. Either XP (32bit), 2000, ME, 98 or 95.

Your old Digger etc, software cd's.

The Instructions

Install VirtualBox

Once installed, open the software, click New and select the operating system you intend to install on the virtual machine.

1. Memory Size: Leave it as suggested at 192mb (plenty big enough) and click next.
2. Hard Disk: Click Create a virtual hard disk now and then click create.

3. Hard disk file type: Click VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) and then click next.
4. Storage on physical hard disk: Click Dynamically allocated and then click next.

5. File location and size: Leave as is and click create. The size of the virtual drive will dynamically self-expand if more space is needed.

I've named this one WinXP. Now we are ready to install (the preferably legit) Windows in the virtual machine.

The Windows Install

1. WinXP is highlighted. Firstly, click into Settings, and then System and unclick Floppy. Click OK.
2. Place your Windows installation disc into your CD/DVD drive.
3. Click Start. This will open the virtual machine window. (See image below)

4. Windows disc is in. Click Start and windows will install as if it would with any new installation.

Finishing Touches

Networking between the host operating system and the virtual one to share files.
If your virtual windows has gone seemless and lost it's menu, don't worry.

On the upper menu of your virtual window, click Devices.
If the menu has vanished in seemless mode, hold down right ctrl and press home, then go to Devices.

Click on Insert guest additions CD image.. (Install it and click continue anyway when prompted)

This will install what you need on the virtual side. On the host side, you'll need to create a shared folder.
Make sure it's mapped and has read/write permissions, then find it via the virtual side.
This should also enable drag and drop between them.

Get some help if you have problems here.

You can also create a desktop shortcut to open the virtual machine without opening the VirtualBox software.
Now, Install your Diggers, etc, on the virtual machine. Here's a screenshot of mine (Virtual XP 32bit on Windows 7 64bit).....

2017, Steve Parker.